"God didn't send me out to collect a following for myself, but to preach the Message of what He has done, collecting a following for Him" (1 Corinthians 1:17)

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13: Our Protective Father

LOVE NOTE FROM GOD: “When I saw the trouble you were in I heard your cries for help. I remembered My covenant with you, and immense with love, I took you by the hand. I poured out My mercy on you…” (Psalm 106:45-46a)

crying girl

My Beloved,

Don’t ever fear that I don’t hear your cries. They pound and echo in my heart, and I cannot resist My aching desire to comfort you and make things right. I Am a protective Father who never forgets that you are Mine, always and forever. My hand is always outstretched, ready to hold you and guide you with mercy and grace. I see how the enemy attacks, and while he may appear strong, he is weak and beaten. My love for you is fierce and relentless, and will always win over any evil that tries to come against you. Just believe that I see and I hear, and that my covenant with you cannot be broken; but more importantly remember that the battle is not yours, but Mine, and I have already overcome the world!

Will you be Mine?



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