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Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 31: Shooting Off My Mouth

GOD’S REMINDER: “Don't shoot off your mouth, or speak before you think. Don't be too quick to tell Me what you think I want to hear” (Ecclesiastes 5:2).

VeggieTales: 365 Bedtime Devos for Boys

NOTE TO SELF: Um…yeah. {Quietly sitting, staring at the computer screen.}

Last night as I was reading to Tavin from his book, 365 Bedtime Devos for Boys, the lesson was about discerning right from wrong, and always thinking before we do something. 

As an adult, you’d think I’d have this down pat, especially when it’s a lesson that I’m DESPERATELY trying to teach my three and half year old son. But noooooooooooooooooooooo. Not me.

{Yes, that’s me, being childish and immature. Yep. That’s me, alright.}


So let me focus on the first part of the scripture before I can lecture…I mean, minister to you about the second part.

I’m guilty of shooting off my mouth before thinking. Oh. So. Guilty. It’s a trait I picked up from my mother who was a firm believer in the theory that if you didn’t like what she had to say… Well, this is a Christian blog and I can’t really repeat what’s she’d say. But that’s how I was raised. Speak your mind, and don’t give it another thought. My mother was brutal in her approach to speaking her mind. She NEVER gave any thought about the outcome or how it could—and would—hurt someone else. If you were hurt by something she said, it wasn’t her fault, it was yours for being so sensitive and defensive. (I wonder why I’m so sensitive and defensive?)

Now this goes both ways. On to the second part of the scripture.

We can also become ritualistic in our approach to God. Without even realizing it, without thinking about what comes out of our mouths, we are chanting these feel-good phrases to God: “Oh Lord, change me. Less of me, more of you.” You know what I’m talking about. All those catch phrases that at one time had real meaning but over the years lost its luster.

Again, our time with God has become like brushing our teeth. We know we did it, but we can’t remember doing it. When I take my nighttime medication for my RLS (restless leg syndrome), I often have to ask myself if I took it or not an hour later. Habit.

While developing time with God is a good habit to incorporate in your life, making your time with him habitual is not. If all we do is approach God with the same ole-same ole, how can God take us seriously. If we’re saying things to God that we think He wants to hear, we’re only fooling ourselves. And when we wonder why God’s not moving mountains in our lives, it’s probably because He’s waiting for us to get real and get on with it already. How bored God must be with our monotone praises: “Holy, holy, holy God. You are so holy.” I’m depressed just thinking about it, imagine how God feels.

Doesn’t God deserve better? And doesn’t our family and friends deserve better when we “speak our mind” without thinking?

Oh, I’m grieved as I write this, thinking of how utterly guilty I am of both.


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