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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2: Reaching Out for Christ

GOD’S REMINDER: I’m not saying I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. (Philippians 3:12 MSG)

well on my way

NOTE TO SELF: We would think Paul had it all together, wouldn’t we? Many of us strive to have the kind of faith and dedication to Christ as he had. Paul admits, though, thankfully, that he didn’t have it all together and that his life wasn’t made in the shade despite how it sounded in his letters.

Today I’m telling you, too, that I don’t have this all together. Writing a Christian blog somehow suggests to readers that I am so holy I can do no wrong; that my faith is beyond the average person’s. But I’m a huge mess. The lack of dedication I’ve had lately to a “DAILY reminders from God” site alone will tell you just how far I am from having it all together.

My hope? While I can’t seem to get it together lately, I’m continually reaching out for Christ who is helping me along the way.

My prayer for this New Year is that I will experience a revival in my spirit. I ache for more of Christ in my life. I desire the Holy Spirit to consume me to the point where I am no longer recognizable to the world around me.

I don’t have this all together, and I surely don’t have it made. I struggle just to get myself out of bed in the mornings. I’m battling my own demons that wage war against me and family every second of every day. The great news is that Christ reached out to me and I took His hand. His mighty hand is extended for all.

Don’t confuse Christianity with perfection. The Bible is chock full of stories of God’s people making one dreadful mistake after another—just like you and I—and God always finding ways to pour His love and mercy upon them despite themselves.

While we don’t have it all together, we are setting our eyes on something more amazing, something that will make everything we are going through now, worthwhile in the end. And in our drama and chaos, we are comforted by the King of kings, the Creator of the Universe. We can only receive these great gifts, though, if we reach out for Christ as He is wondrously reaching out for us.

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