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Monday, November 12, 2012

Dangerous Rebel

“That provoked Jesus, who was teaching in the Temple, to cry out, ‘You think you know me and where I’m from’…” (John 7:28 MSG)

Jesus: The Dangerous Rebel. Doesn’t sound right, does it? Who on earth would ever consider Jesus to be: 1. dangerous; or 2. a rebel?

The religious leaders. That’s who.

Religion is corrupt. It desires your utmost attention to things that don’t matter. We want sermons on how to be rich or successful. We want sermons to soothe our soul. But what we really need are sermons to get our blood flowing, to put fires under our butts, and to speak about the reality around us and how to be “dangerous rebels” in these trying times.

The religious leaders in Jesus’ time wanted control and power. They wanted to scorn and persecute. They didn’t just follow the letter of the law, they created their OWN version of it. Sound familiar?
Jesus was “provoked” and “cried out,” in His defense at the temple. He blasted those who “thought” they knew Him but were utterly clueless. Do our church leaders know Christ today, or are they inclined and persistent to do things their way? Consider what the Pharisees thought of anyone who believed Jesus was the Messiah:
“You don’t see any of the leaders believing in him, do you? Or any from the Pharisees? It’s only the crowd, ignorant of God’s Law, that is taken in by him—and damned.” (John 7:48-49 MSG)
They think they know Him, but do they? Are our leaders teaching us truth or fairytales? Are we getting lost in cotton candy fluff so that when we walk out into the real world all we see are opportunities to take advantage of the cross?

Jesus was a dangerous rebel. Why? Because He pushed back the agenda of the self-righteous who had no idea that the very God they thought they knew so well was standing smack dab in front of them. Our leaders are blinding us into that very same thinking. They are creating false gods and we are clinging to them.

Jesus was a rebel because He broke manmade rules, and He offered a way out of rituals and mindless religion. He made God…REAL! What a rebel!

If Jesus was a dangerous rebel…then we should be, too.

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