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Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19: The Bare Word of Jesus

GOD’S REMINDER: “The man believed the bare word Jesus spoke.” John 4:50b MSG

NOTE TO SEF: When a court official appeared before Jesus, begging Him to come heal his dying son, Jesus didn’t go to the official’s son, instead He merely told the official, “Go! Your son lives” (v. 50a).

There was nothing more to discuss. The man took Jesus at His word. So the official journeyed back to court and found his son alive and well. What Jesus said was done. Jesus spoke and it happened. Just like, “In the beginning.” God spoke and it happened.

When God promises us something, it’s official. It’s done. We need to believe the bare word of Jesus and go back to our lives knowing it will be done. No questions asked.

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