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Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 6: Skin on Skin


NOTE TO SELF: Prior to my salvation, I lived a very promiscuous life. It’s not something I’m proud to admit, because quite honestly, I regret all the “experience” I’ve had.

The world views sex as meaningless. They portray it as something to be disregarded as “normal urges” and tendencies, rather than what God intended it to be. Living a promiscuous life is something to be proud of now. It’s normal. It’s natural.

But God tells us there’s more to sex than mere skin on skin. It is an opportunity for our souls to connect and bond. It is a spiritual journey, not just a physical urge. That’s why many young women believe that if they just have sex with that cute boy they like, the boy will in turn like them back. But when we live in a society where sex is downgraded as just an urge, that mentality will never work, and we know it never does. The problem, though, is that women have a tendency to give up a large part of their heart and soul when they give themselves away. They lose a part of themselves in the act. They try to deny it because the world tells them to, but they can’t because God intended sex to be a way for us to spiritually mesh with our spouse. God said it was how, “two became one.” That is what sex is about on the spiritual level.

Sex is not a natural urge. It is a beautiful gift from God, to be cherished and respected. It is a luxury of love, not a flighty weapon for manipulation. It is a way for a woman and a man to say to one another, “I am yours, and you are mine.” And God also used sex as a way to share that love through reproduction.

Sex is about commitment and building a family. We have minimized the importance of sex, and it’s spiritual implications in this world. We have glorified it, idolized it, and reduced it to nothing.

It’s important for us to teach our children the value of sex so the world won’t have the luxury of demoralizing it for them. We need to let our children know that it is a beautiful and wonderful gift from God, to be shared with their spouse, and no one else. And not only is it a gift from God, but it’s a gift for our spouse. It’s critical to teach our children that sex is not an urge, nor is it a force to be reckoned with. It can ruin lives when practiced improperly and immorally. It can cause incredible heartache and pain when it is simply done for pleasure with “no strings attached.”

I recently heard an interview by DNC leader,  Debbie Wasserman Schultz, calling abortion a “reproductive choice.” However, intelligent people realize that reproduction is an outcome of sex. Your choice should then begin before sex, not afterwards. Once you are pregnant, you have already determined your so-called reproductive choice by choosing to have sex knowing the implications. This society has miscued public awareness of what choice means and where it begins. Choice is not an afterthought. It is at the forefront of a lifelong decision that can never be undone.

Sex is a choice, too. You can lose yourself on so many levels when it’s mere skin on skin, or you can gain something beautiful when you realize it is a gift from God, not to be taken lightly.

PRAYER: Father, our world is betrayed on the truths of sex. We are a wounded world full of unwanted children, broken families, sexual diseases, and immeasurable broken hearts caused by the misuse of your beautiful gift of sex. Help this world see the value of sex. Help parents teach their children the important spiritual aspect of sex and encourage them to save themselves for marriage. We know, Lord, that it can be done, but it can only be done if we first understand it ourselves, and share that truth with others. Amen.

JOURNAL: How has God healed the idea of sex in your life?

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