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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5: Every Detail


NOTE TO SELF: Despite our circumstances, my husband and I have always found a way to see God’s goodness in the bad things that seem to happen all too often in our life.

For instance: When I started working on the journals for Rachel’s Vineyard, I had no idea how labor and time intensive they would require. With Jared working on the boats, I wasn’t sure I’d ever get them done in time for the upcoming retreat. Then he got fired. He was able to take care of our three year old son every day while I worked nine to twelve hours a day on the journals.

Ironically enough, the other day I was told by the facilitator of the retreat that I could halt my production of the journals because they didn’t have as many participants as she had anticipated. That very same day, Jared started working another job.

I’m learning not to see these circumstances as punishment, but rather as favor. What seemingly appears awful, God works into something good. For the first time in years, when Jared lost his job, I didn’t panic and let it consume me. I just went about my business and kept putting all of my faith and trust in God. I didn’t worry or fret. I readjusted my spending and outlook and carried on. Even now, Jared is making minimum wage—$13 less than what he was making before—and I’m simply trusting that God has our best interest at heart.

Every single detail of my life, God has in His hands. He has it all under control. God is in the details. Those are the things that matter most to Him. The tiny details are where God gets things done. The details of our lives are where God’s will resides.

PRAYER: Lord God, we are so grateful that not one single detail of our lives are overlooked! You will take those minute details and work them into something good, no matter how bleak it may seem. Thank You for caring so deeply about us. Amen.

JOURNAL: Either currently, or looking back, can you see God’s hand in the smallest details of your life? How so?

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