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Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15: Depend on It!


NOTE TO SELF: Let’s just speak candidly today: The world lies. The whole world lies right through their teeth…with a smile. You can name a thousand topics and I could tell you how the world has made it into one giant lie.

I recently had a conversation with friend where we were debating which state had the highest crime rate. Of course this was a politically sparked debate on blue vs. red states. We both soon discovered that with each news article we pulled up and resourced, we could both find proof to prove our points. When you think numbers can’t lie, they can if someone is manipulating them. After she confessed that she found several articles that indicated two or three different states with the so-called highest crime rate, we both laughed when I finally conceded and said, “I guess the truth is…there is no truth. No one can be trusted.”

I’d like to believe that my party is the party of truth; however, I’m a realist. I know that the world lies, and I know that there really is only one ultimate Truth. The ONLY truth that truly matters. God is the Truth I always need to run towards in times when I feel confused or misinformed. I believe God’s Word is the Truth…the absolute truth on every level. God is the authority on what’s right and wrong. God is the authority on justice. God is the authority on life. He promised us that even when the world is shooting one lie after another at us, He will always, always, always tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

PRAYER: Father God, You are the only Truth that matters in a world full of lies. Help us to discern fact from fiction in every situation. Give us a mind of understanding and clarity. Amen.

JOURNAL: Make a list of the lies of the world, and next to that list write the truths of God.

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