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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12: The Light That Has Come Into the World


NOTE TO SELF: I grappled in the dark for so many years. My darkness consisted of abusive relationships, drugs, alcohol, anger, depression, and a promiscuous lifestyle. Sex, drugs and rock and roll.

The phrase, “I saw the light,” had a whole new meaning to me the morning after I gave my life to Christ. I had, quite literally, seen the Light. As I closed my eyes that night, after a very intense conversation with Jesus, and a sound denouncing of Satan’s authority over my life anymore, I saw flashes of immense golden light streaming towards me. The light had a sound, however…I heard nothing. That was the moment Christ stepped in and removed me from darkness and filled me with His Light.

Being raised a Catholic, I had no idea what being “born again” or “saved” meant. When I surrendered to Christ that night I was unaware of what the outcome would be; I just knew I no longer wanted to live in darkness and shame. I wanted to know the love of God.

That Light changed me. Over night, I became a whole new person. Everything about me changed…not by any of my own doing, but God’s. These were things I had tried to change within me for many years but could never successfully achieve. And then overnight, God came into my heart and HE did all the work I couldn’t do. He plucked and pulled, and did a complete overhaul of my life, cleansing me and renewing me with childlike awareness to the world around me.

This scripture isn’t just fluffy nice words. It is an actual, factual promise of what happens when we fully and whole heartedly believe in Christ Jesus.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, Your light is healing and refreshing to our soul. Your light provides a way for us to leave the darkness we’ve been lost in for far too long. Your light guides us home…to You. Thank You for Your saving light. Amen.

JOURNAL: Imagine yourself trapped deep in a dark cave. It’s pitch black and you have no sense of your surroundings. Write about how you feel in that dark cave. Afterwards, envision a bright golden light, coming to find you and lead you back out. How do you respond to the One who rescued you?

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