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Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5: Take It!


NOTE TO SELF: Oh, to be Wonder Woman or Superman. Don’t we all overexert ourselves trying to be the hero in everyone’s lives except our own?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “I’ve got to fix this,” knowing full well it was out of my control of fixing. A perfect example is when we hit our financial low. Instead of trusting God, I just leapt into it and began fixing the problem. Guess what? It didn’t get fixed.

God tells us, “Calm down. Take My mercy and accept My help. That’s what I’m here for.” But we race to shove Him out of the way and do it ourselves. We somehow feel the need to prove to ourselves that we don’t need anyone! But that can cause a lot of extra problems on top of the already daunting problems in our way.

My husband often gets frustrated with me when he sees that I’m obviously struggling with something (like lifting something heavy, or trying to open a lid that’s too tight) and I refuse his help. He just doesn’t understand why I won’t accept his help. “Okay then…” he’ll snort. And then for some odd reason, I’m ticked off because the lid won’t budge or I drop the heavy item. Sounds silly doesn’t it? But that’s what we do to God, also. He’s ready to fix it, but we step in front of Him, pushing Him to the side and claim, “I’ve got it!” God just snorts and says, “Okay then…”

God’s not going to force anything on us. Not even His help. We either accept it, or we don’t. That’s why the offer is there. So, take it!

PRAYER: Lord God, we thankfully accept Your help and mercy. We need your help in every area of our lives. Help us to hand over our struggles to You and let You take care of them for us. Amen.

JOURNAL: Is it hard to accept help from others, especially a loved one? Why?

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