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Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 7: An Energetic Life Blazing with Holiness

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NOTE TO SELF: I confess that I don’t always start my day off with God. Those are the days everyone can see a drastic difference in my demeanor and attitude.

When I get up early before the rest of world and give myself time to be pulled into God’s way of life, I feel energetic all day! I feel blessed and covered in God’s holiness. All it takes is an hour out of my day to worship Him, commune with Him, and immerse myself in His Word.

On the days when I wake up late, usually by my son banging on his door and yelling, “Mommy! Mommy! Wake up, mommy!” and my dog is pacing on the bed eager to go out, and my cat surrounds me with loud meows because she, too, needs my attention…well, life comes at me full force and I usually don’t know what hit me. I am immediately—upon waking—frustrated, irritable, agitated, and downright out of my mind!

God doesn’t demand that time with Him, instead He urges us to “let ourselves be pulled into a way of life shaped” by His. He promises that when we do, we will experience a life that is energetic and “blazing” (what an incredibly description!) with holiness! Who wouldn’t want that?

PRAYER: Lord God, please help us to find time (and make time) to spend with You before our day even begins. Place a desire in us to be pulled into a way of life shaped by Your ways. Help us to wake up refreshed and ready to seek You before we seek anything else. We eagerly accept Your promise of a more energetic life that is blazing with holiness. Amen.

JOURNAL: Write a comparison of what your day is like when you first spend time alone with God, and when you don’t make any time for God at all in your day. Write a vow to yourself, and to God, that You will let yourself be pulled into God’s way of life.

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