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Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30: You Are Special


NOTE TO SELF: What I love about today’s reminder is that God knows us well and still thinks we’re special.

To know someone well means you know them inside and out. You know all their secrets, all their mistakes, all their flaws, all their pet peeves…you know their gunk. You know what they are going to do probably before they do it. You can finish their sentences and thoughts. You know when they are lying and when they are telling the truth. You know their good and bad habits, and their routines. You know their favorite foods, drinks, TV shows, music, and movies. You know what they like to do in their spare time. You know them probably better than anyone else.

Most marriages don’t survive because people don’t like other people knowing their “gunk.” Once someone gets too close, they need to run off and find someone who doesn’t know them as well. That’s why it’s always so fresh and wonderful in the beginning. But much like that wonderful new car smell, as the miles wear on the smell wears off, and the car no longer feels special anymore.

Our spouses or our parents may know us better than anyone else in the world, but God knows us on a much, much deeper level. He knows the inner gunk and goodness, more than we even know ourselves. We just cover most of that stuff up with superficial gunk and pretend no one notices. But God sees. And yet He says, “You are special to Me.”

PRAYER: Father, You know us better than anyone else does. You know our hearts, not just what we’re thinking or feeling. You know the deepest part of us that even we’re not so sure about. How grateful we are that despite it all You still find us special. You see past all the gunk and know who we really are in Your Son. Thank You.

JOURNAL: What gunk do you try to keep hidden from others?

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