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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3: Very Wrong


NOTE TO SELF: The word, just, means: guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness.

Last week, many people applauded huge injustices that were forced upon the American people. This is not the end of it. There’s more to come if We the People don’t act.

The judicial system is becoming null and void. The system is broken, and I believe it mostly has to do with how we’ve taken God out of the justice system. When people are walking away scott-free from murdering their children, or molesting their neighbors children, or are demonized for protecting themselves, we’ve got big problems! Our society glamorizes criminals, and victimizes the victims. It’s wrong, very wrong, to go along with injustice.

My husband and I were victims of injustice a few years ago and we are still suffering the consequences because of it. I once heard something that really made me think about all of this: “God is not fair, but He is just!” We may not have received justice here (and that’s because the justice system is becoming unjust), but we will eventually or eternally receive our just rewards for the injustice we have endured here on earth. My hope is that justice will be served in the end, and not by unjust, paid-off, crooked judges or lawyers, but by a Just God!

PRAYER: Lord, help us discern right from wrong and to uphold justice in our great country. Teach us to defend what is just and true. And, Father, when we are victims of injustice, let us rest in the knowledge that You are fighting our battles, and with You on our side we will never lose. Amen.

JOURNAL: Write your feelings about some injustices you have endured or witnessed.

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