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Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28: God’s Terms


NOTE TO SELF: Life on my terms never works. Life according to the world’s terms won’t work either. I always lose a lot when I try to cling to my way of doing things rather than letting God work in my life. I lose finances. Friends. Integrity. Faith. And sometimes, my sanity.

Why-God-Why?, is a question we ask a lot when things go wrong on our terms. We look at God and point our fingers, “This is all Your fault!” (Hey, this is truth time, and I’m just being honest. I do it all the time. I’m so guilty of this crime it’s ridiculous.) The reality is, though, that God is sitting on the sidelines wondering when we’ll stop trying to coach ourselves. Ever seen a team without a coach and each player trying to coach themselves and win a game together? Me neither, because every team needs a coach. Someone to give them the play by play, to encourage them to press on, keep fighting, keep going. GO! GO! GO! GO! But we tell God, “Sorry, You’ll be sitting this one out.” God says, “Okay. If that’s what you think is best, but I’ll be here when you need Me,” and plunks Himself on the metal bench, resting his chin on his big, strong fist, watching you run aimlessly back and forth, back and forth.

God’s terms = life. Did you see that in today’s reminder? “But if you let that life go, you’ll get life on God’s terms.” So what are God’s terms, and what are ours? How do they differ and how are they alike?

Obedient living. Good, honest, moral living (not works, don’t confuse that statement!). Being prompted and led by the Holy Spirit. Doing what’s right. Honoring God with your life. Did I mention…obedience?

Take God for who His truly is, not who you desire Him to be. That’s clinging to life on your terms, and God warns us we’ll surely lose it that way. But sometimes we need to lose life in order to get a better one (I’m not talking death, I’m talking about a way of life). So when we let go of the life we are clinging so desperately to, God promises to give us a better one; one that’s filled with His goodness, grace and tender mercies.

PRAYER: Father, please help us to let go of our own ways of living and then trying to put Your stamp on it. Forgive us, Lord, for benching You in our lives and thinking we know better than You. Teach us to rely on You, to run to You, and to trust You in every aspect of our lives. We desire to live our lives on Your terms only, because we know that’s when life will be great! Amen.

JOURNAL: Write about how you’ve been living on your own terms and may not have even realized it. Compare that with how God would want to you live and behave in those particular situations.

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