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Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26: The Good Things


NOTE TO SELF: Reread God’s reminder. Now reread it again. Notice anything odd? Go ahead. Reread it again if you need to.

“Not one detail HAS failed…” past tense. Not “will not fail.” Do you need a minute to grasp this? I’ll wait.

What does this mean? you ask. Well, it means God’s got it under control. It’s done. Finished. Of all the good things He’s promised YOU, nothing has failed. If you haven’t received the promise, guess what? The details are already in place and they have not failed. They are ready and waiting. Done deal.

And God doesn’t just tell us, “Here’s a little ditty for you to remember…” No. God says to know it with ALL YOUR HEART! He’s telling us, “Fear not! I got this! It’s already complete and nothing about it has failed.”

God went before the Israelites in a cloud. He led the way. That’s why the promise can’t, won’t and hasn’t failed. Even when life feels like nothing but one big failure, God says, “It’s not. It hasn’t. It won’t.” It’s all part of the “good things” promised.

PRAYER: Oh, thank You, Father, for this amazing reminder. Help us to store it in our hearts and let it become a part of who we are. Help us to walk in Your promises for our lives, even when the promise seems so far away, because You have foretold us that it has not failed. Amen.

JOURNAL: What promise or good things are you waiting for? Write it (them) down and at the end write, “The good things you promised me have not failed, God.”

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