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Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22: Acres of Hope

Fun in the Sun

NOTE TO SELF: I spent the majority of my life living in Heartbreak Valley. With one bad relationship after another, each one progressively worse than the last, I eventually became the Mayor of Heartbreak Valley. And it wasn’t just love relationships, it was life disappointments that kept me there.

I’m still suffering in Heartbreak Valley. So many things are not working out for us financially. My husband has yet to work more than 15 hours at his job, and last week he wasn’t even put on the schedule to work at all! It’s been the longest, hardest year of our lives, especially considering the loss of my mother and the months of tormenting pain our son went through.

Things are so desperate right now that we are even considering leaving our beautiful home (although in a bad neighborhood, we still love it!) and moving somewhere in hopes of Jared finding a full time job in his field. I don’t want to leave, but this is our Heartbreak Valley and we desperately want to live in Acres of Hope. But notice God doesn’t say He’ll move her “out” of Heartbreak Valley, but will instead “turn it into” Acres of Hope. God will take our heartbreak and turn it into hope.

This week I spent a lot of time discussing our children and our own childhood. God says that when He turns our heartbreak into hope, “she will respond like she did as a young girl.” That’ll take us right back to Matthew 18:3. We won’t enter the kingdom of Heaven unless we become like little children. That means responding to God with innocence; pure trust and complete faith.

I won’t lie. I’m struggling with that this week. I don’t write this blog because I have it all together. I write this blog because I’m usually the one who needs the most help.

PRAYER: Father, we are longing for Acres of Hope, it will be a great escape and relief from Heartbreak Valley. As we eagerly wait for that transition, help us to respond to You as we did as children. Renew our spirits, God. Amen.

JOURNAL: Are you dwelling in Heartbreak Valley, too? Write it out and afterwards copy today’s scripture. Look forward to Acres of Hope and begin responding to God with childlike faith.

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