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Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21: You’re My Dear Somebody

Fun in the Sun

NOTE TO SELF: Oh, I was a nobody most of my life. Those seven years of Catholic school were some of the worse years of my life. I was taunted, teased, verbally abused, shoved around, and rejected.

I’m an underdog person. I always root for the underdog (thus, I’m a Packer fan!). The other day I told a story on facebook about how my husband and I took our three-year old son, Tavin, to the public pool and this adorable little black girl, no older than Tavin, was all by herself in the shallow end. Tavin immediately struck up a friendship with her and almost immediately she was stuck to my side. I was encouraging her, rewarding her with praises, helping her when she fell, and holding her hand to brave the fountains. Very quickly, I was surrounded by other young girls who wanted the same kind of loving attention. They had all been left alone to fend for themselves and they craved the kind of support I was giving to the young toddler.

As a pre-school teacher, many (many!) years ago, I was a magnet to a certain type of child: those awkward, gawky, geeky kids who felt utterly alone, both at home and at school. They clung to me like glue.

What did I do that was so appealing to these children? I did exactly what God does: “I say to the Nobody, you are my dear Somebody.” Those children feel like nobodies. They feel alone and scared to do anything for fear of rejection. But all of a sudden, someone arrives on the scene and looks at them when they speak, pays attention to what they are saying or doing, and cares. God does that for all the Nobodies out there. Those are the ones He reaches out for and grabs ahold of. We are the ones He lifts up.

I’m currently reading the book, Relentless Pursuit, by Ken Gire. And he explains this amazing scene that takes place between Christ and the woman “caught” in adultery like this:

“Jesus refuses to be a part of this public humiliation. He covers her from the leering crowd, taking the attention off of her and directing it at the self-righteous vigilantes. He stands up to her accusers and stays with her until they skulk away. Cloaked in his kindness, she is given another covering before she leaves—his forgiveness.” (pg. 86)

In essence, Jesus said to her without Words, “You are My dear Somebody even if they think you are nobody.”

PRAYER: Father, I’m honored and privileged to be Your dear Somebody. Thank You for seeing in me what the world refuses to see. You are my God! Amen.

JOURNAL: If you sometimes feel like a nobody, write about it and then consider today’s reminder from God. Now journal about how God made you Somebody to Him.

(Disclaimer: I reserve the right to be a creative writer and use descriptive details, particularly when describing people, things, or places. I’m sorry if this offends anyone. I’m not describing them to be insulting, but rather to give you, the reader, a visual point and reference. If I describe the little girl as an “adorable black girl,” it’s not about her “race,” but rather to give you a picture in your mind, much like the description of the pool: “the shallow end.” If I use particular descriptive words, it is because I, the writer, find them relevant. Please do NOT read into things that are not intended in my blog. I pray that instead of judging me because of the choice of words I may or may not use, that you will be blessed by God and His unfailing promises of love, mercy and grace. I also pray that our world would stop being so over-sensitive and quick to judge on such matters, and instead we can be bound together through the unity of Christ Jesus regardless of our race, ethnicity, or gender.)

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