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Friday, July 20, 2012

July 20: The Right Direction

Fun in the Sun

NOTE TO SELF: Yesterday I contemplated how my life would be different had my parents lived God-loyal, honest lives. I’d like to imagine that my life would have been a bit easier and smoother. But I know many people who did live in Godly homes, only to completely walk away from their faith as a young adult, out on their own, making their own choices.

We like to do that, don’t we? We may love our parents, but ultimately we want to make our own decisions in—and about—life. And sometimes we choose the complete opposite just to prove a point, whether we fully believe it or not. We want to have our own thoughts and ideas about things. And one of the biggest decisions we make in life is about our belief in God.

The world can taint all the good work we instilled into our children the second they leave our side. They confuse them with theories and so-called “proven facts” that have no proof at all. They bombard them with immoral and impure behaviors and tell them “it’s only natural.” They indulge our children with lies on top of lies…that most of them will buy. The world will discredit everything we worked so hard to instill in our children in seconds flat! We can’t stop that from happening, no matter how hard we try (and I can’t tell you how hard I’m trying!). More and more young adults are turning away from faith and instead are believing the lies of the world, thus living empty, immoral, miserable lives.

The good news?

You DID instill good, Godly values in them. You did point them in the right direction!

Even as God’s children, He gives us a free will. We can choose to follow Him or the world. Many of us chose the world over God at one point in our lives. If we have pointed our children in the right direction, when they get older they will one day see the fork in the road and remember the map we gave them that leads them back home.

PRAYER: Father, give us the wisdom and words to lead our children in the right direction…right towards You. May our children always be blessed and safe in Your hands; but we know, Lord, that they will one day make their own choices. We lift them up to You, God, and pray they make good and wise choices concerning Your Truth, but if they lose their way, always remind them of the right direction we pointed out for them. Amen.

JOURNAL: Write or draw a map with the “right directions,” as if you were giving them to a friend to get somewhere important. Post it someone where you will see it everyday.

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