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Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15: Kindling


NOTE TO SELF: We’re not just set free, God takes the yoke from our neck, splits it up and BURNS it. Oh, how I love this imagery! God doesn’t just simply take the yoke, he smashes it. He “breaks” us free, not just merely sets us free. Cutting and splitting entails work; strenuous, thoughtful work.

God takes that yoke, splits it, and uses it for kindling. Once the yoke is off, it is destroyed. It is gone forever.

So I reiterate: God doesn’t just set us free, He destroys the yoke that pushed and held us down. Now we can stand and walk tall, never having to worry about the heavy yoke being put on us again. The only way we’ll wear a heavy yoke again is if we build it and place it around our own neck.

PRAYER: Thank You, Lord, that not only do you remove the yoke, but you destroy it! We are grateful for your intense love and concern for us. Please, Father, help us from building heavy yokes and placing them on ourselves or others. When You set us free, we are free indeed. Amen.

JOURNAL: Visualize these two scenarios:

God casually flips the switch on the lock of the tight yoke around your neck.

God passionately and fervently cuts you free, then uses the yoke to start a blazing fire.

Describe how these two scenarios look and feel.

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