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Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28: Spiritually Free and Expressive


NOTE TO SELF: It’s okay to be ourselves in prayer. It’s okay to be expressive and free. When we pray, it’s our direct link to Heaven. It’s our 911 call to God. When we are aching, we should cry. When we are angry, we should vent. When we are happy, we should rejoice. When we are broken, we should fall to our knees. That way, when we respond to our heart before God, we are being thoughtful and mindful of our prayer. We are being real and honest. Everything God desires.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, we come to you today feeling [insert how you feel here]. We are eager to speak to You and come to You, just as we are right now. Thank You for desiring us to be who we are, as You created us to be. Help us to dig deeper into our prayer life with You, being spiritually free and expressive, thoughtful and mindful, and real and raw. Amen.

JOURNAL: Write out your prayers using expressive descriptions of what you are feeling. Once you’ve written them, release yourself spiritually and give it to God.

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