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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27: Broken and Shattered


NOTE TO SELF: Many of us have been broken and shattered, only for someone to put a band-aid on our internal wound, telling us things could be worse and sending us on our way. God insists that we tend to His peoples needs, that we don’t just cover their brokenness with insincere chatter to shut them up and move them along. We are to console, and to help heal. The next time God’s child comes to you with stories of brokenness and shattered dreams or hopes, listen to God’s voice telling you, “Things are not ‘just fine,’ they need you.” The busyness of life should not deter us from God’s Kingdom work. His glory and honor comes before all else, and that means sometimes putting our needs on the back burner so others’ may be met.

PRAYER: God, You haven given us all a tremendous job to do. Your people are aching, broken and shattered, and they need You! Father, help us to be acutely aware of those in need, and give us the strength to do right by them and by You. When we minister to the lost, when we give our money to the poor, when we assist someone in harms way…be there with us, ministering to our sprit, pouring out Yours, and healing theirs. Amen.

JOURNAL: Can you think of someone in your life or your acquaintance who is broken and shattered? Ask God to reveal to you how you can help and minister to them. Listen to God and write down the way you can help.

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