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Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24: Get Yourself Together


NOTE TO SELF: No wiser words written or spoken: get yourself together! What a mess I’ve been for far too long, and the battle wore me down and wore me out, which made me feel as if I were in a LOSING battle; and I nearly did lose. How often I find myself in such a tither, feeling angry or beaten down, that I quit praying, quite reading God’s Word, and somehow believe I can carry on in life normally. I can’t! In order for me to “get together,” I need to get together with God daily. I will see—as will my family—my world transform as I’m lighter on my feet, happier in my walk, and much more patient in my approach. When I pray, when I sing praises, when I seek the Lord, I am preparing not only for the battle, but to be victorious, too!

PRAYER: O, Lord Jesus, help me get myself together physically, emotionally and spiritually so I can stand and fight the battles before me. Show me what I need to change and how to change so I can get myself together. Everyday the battle gets harder and harder without you, but when I take the time to be with You, the way You desire me to be, I know I will declare victory each and every day!

JOURNAL: What battles are you fighting or facing? Write the ways you need to get yourself together in order to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.

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