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Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23: Songs from Your Heart


NOTE TO SELF: I have always loved to sing, even as a little girl you could find me just about anywhere singing my heart out. You know what I’m talking about: that private moment in your car or when you’re all alone at home and “that” song comes on that just…carries you somewhere else. You close your eyes, open your arms wide, and belt that tune out as if you were performing it for a crowd of millions, or for that one special person that song reminds you of. That’s how God wants us to sing to Him. He’s not concerned if we sing out of key, or if we forgot some of the words. He cares for one thing only: that it comes from the heart. 

PRAYER: Oh Father, You deserve songs of praise and worship! You deserve nothing LESS than our whole heart wrapped in song as a gift of honor. Accept our songs from the heart, even if we have to tweak it out at first, but open us up to be fruitful in our praise to You always! Amen.

JOURNAL: Pick your favorite praise or worship song, find a private place and sing your heart out to God. Afterwards, write down how it felt to sing directly, and privately, to God. Did you feel His Presence? Did you receive a vision? Describe anything and everything that happened as you sang to God. Vow to make this a part of your relationship with Him.

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