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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Good Common Sense


NOTE TO SELF: Although Jesus fulfilled the law, it does not make God’s commandments any less important in our lives. Many people are bewildered by the seemingly bizarre, but ever precise, procedures God put in place. Some people want to remind us that they were designed for “ancient times” and we need to consider that they aren’t appropriate in our modern environment. But I beg to differ. God created everything, and He also knew how things would work and wouldn’t work. Those laws were given by God for the common good. They were truly good, common sense! God wanted a way for His people to be clean, healthy, wise, and “set apart” from others. If we truly considered the “whys” of those laws, we just may find that God’s law was, and still is, sane and holy counsel.

PRAYER: Lord God, set us apart and make us holy. You didn’t put the law in place to hinder us, but instead to guide us to be unique and different from the world. To make us holy and righteous. Help us to understand Your ways. Provide Your sane and holy counsel in everything we do.

JOURNAL: Read Leviticus 20:22-26. Write God a note telling Him how and why His commandments are sane and holy counsel in your personal life. To dig deeper, list why God’s laws may have been (or are still) good common sense.

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