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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Books I Love!

I have always loved reading! It's one of the main reasons I started reviewing books for various Christian publishers.

I would like to share with you some of my favorite books, and books I'll be reviewing in the very near future.

One of my favorite online sources to order books is from Christianbook.com Home. I truly believe they offer the best prices on Christian books. (Feel free to check out your favorite titles and prices in the search box on your right!)

My favorite devotional bible (that I can't get enough of and actually inspired this very blog!):

548629: NKJV Jesus Calling Devotional Bible: Enjoying Peace in His Presence, Padded Hardcover, Multicolor NKJV Jesus Calling Devotional Bible: Enjoying Peace in His Presence, Padded Hardcover, Multicolor

The "Jesus Calling Devotional Bible" puts you in touch with God and His answers for your life situations. Missionary Sarah Young had been journaling her prayers for years when she began "listening" for what Jesus was saying to her within the words of Scripture. In this Bible, 260 scenarios pose life struggles to which Sarah Young gives answers from her Savior-words that Jesus has lovingly laid on her heart-words that have comforted and inspired Sarah and many others around the world.

Features include:
  • 260 scenarios with devotions by Sarah Young
  • Hundreds of inspiring scriptures highlighted throughout the text
  • New King James Version (NKJV) in paragraph format
  • Index to devotions
  • Two-color text
  • Presentation page
In my blog, you'll notice that my Reminders from God are often spoken in our modern language. I grab all of God's reminders from my favorite Bible version, The Message. What you see below is the exact bible I have--and I LOVE it!

215478: The Message Compact Bible, Teal and Brown Python The Message Compact Bible, Teal and Brown Python
By Eugene H. Peterson

Featuring the verse-numbering system unique to The Message , this compact edition is perfect for today’s busy Christian.

Fitting comfortably in a briefcase, purse, or backpack, The Message Compact Bible can easily be taken anywhere for any ministry purpose.

Features include
  • "The Bible Story in Five Acts"
  • Leather-look cover
  • Ribbon marker
  • Single-column format
We are currently studying this book here on this site! It is utterly amazing!

365107: She"s Got Issues: Seriously Good News for Stressed-Out, Secretly Scared Control Freaks Like Us She's Got Issues: Seriously Good News for Stressed-Out, Secretly Scared Control Freaks Like Us
By Nicole Unice

This book changed my prayer life FOREVER!

37331DA: The Prayer of Jabez (slightly imperfect) The Prayer of Jabez (slightly imperfect)
By Bruce Wilkinson

Do you want to be extravagantly blessed by God? Are you ready to reach for the extraordinary? To ask God for the abundant blessings He longs to give you? Let Bruce Wilkinson help you discover how the remarkable prayer of a little-known Bible hero can release God's favor, power and protection. You'll see how one daily prayer can help you leave the past behind and break through to the life you were meant to live.

I'm currently doing this study on my own, because I often find I need to understand God's love for me on a much deeper level:

768360: He Is My All He Is My All

Seeking fulfillment in today's fractured society can leave you heartbroken and insecure. How do you satisfy your soul's deepest desire? By embracing God's unconditional love! Helping you work through pain and disappointment, Alsdorf's 10-week study will lead you to a God who treasures you for who you are now Experience his hope, healing, and life-changing power!

Ten, 5-day weeks of lessons designed for individual or group study with journaling pages and summary points for each chapter.

As I was browsing blogs through a blog hop one day, I landed upon a site that was giving this book away. It couldn't have fit my life more appropriately, and it's done wonders for my outlook during these very trying times I've been going through:

423443: 90 Days of God"s Goodness: Daily Reflections That Shine Light in Personal Darkness 90 Days of God's Goodness: Daily Reflections That Shine Light in Personal Darkness
By Randy Alcorn

When life gets tough, that's when you really need to begin your day with Scripture---and the encouraging words of a friend! From the best-selling author of Heaven, The Treasure Principle, and If God Is Good comes a devotional filled with uplifting and hope-filled meditations especially written to comfort and sustain those who are hurting.

I'll soon be reviewing the following books:

5488: Rock Star Chronicles, Vols 1-2 Rock Star Chronicles, Vols 1-2
By Creston Mapes

Even though millionaire rock star Everett Lester "had it all," he couldn't buy peace or contentment. After turning to alcohol, drugs, women, and material possessions, he turned to psychic Madam Endora Crystal for solace. But when she turned up murdered in his Miami high-rise, he was thrust center-stage, on trial for murder one. All the while, letters were coming from a teenage girl in Kansas who was praying for Everett's salvation, and for his millions of fans to embrace Christ. Would Everett get the death sentence? Would he ever meet up with Karen? What if he dreamed of using his music to glorify God? The problem issometimes a man can't escape his past. Would meth freaks and mobsters destroy the only hope Everett had ever found? Find out as you rip through the pages of The Rock Star Chronicles by riveting story-teller Creston Mapes.

526248: Nobody Nobody
By Creston Mapes

A police scanner and a reporter's instinct lead Hudson Ambrose to a Las Vegas bus stop ahead of the authorities. There he discovers a dead drifter, a safety deposit key, and a bank book showing nearly a million dollars! Was this murdered Nobody an angel in disguise? Will Hud take the story---or the cash?

204151: The Truth About Forgiveness The Truth About Forgiveness
By John MacArthur

516331: How Do We Know the Bible Is True? Volume 1 How Do We Know the Bible Is True? Volume 1
By Edited by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

Have you ever been asked a question that makes you doubt your Christian faith? Something that makes you consider whether or not the Bible is true? Today there are untold voices calling for our attention, and so many of these mock or belittle our faith. From coworkers, those in the media, and even some Christians, the tone has become one of reproach, disparaging the character of God and undermining the authority of the Bible. Here is a book to help bring clarity in a world filled with increasingly vague notions of truth!

217106: Today Is Your Best Day: Discovering God"s Best for You Today Is Your Best Day: Discovering God's Best for You
By Roy Lessin

-Biblical encouragement by a beloved Christian author with an audience of millions
-Expressions of faith to strenghten you and your faith walk
-An uplifting celebration of hope for yourself or to give to someone you love

If you're an avid reader, these are the books I suggest reading! As a former rock groupie, I'm kind of excited to read Creston Mapes', Rock Star Chronicles!

Happy Reading!

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