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Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Answer Away

I will answer

REMINDER FROM GOD: Even from a distance, I know what You are thinking. I know when you leave and when you get back; You are never out of My site. I know everything you are going to say before you start the first sentence. When you look behind yourself, I am there; then up ahead and I’m there, too—My reassuring presence, coming and going. The moment you call out to Me, I will step in and give your request My personal attention. The moment I hear you, I will answer.

{Psalm 139:2-6, 138:3/119:170; Isaiah 30:19}

NOTE TO SELF: My near-three year old son, Tavin, and I have a very strange dialogue that goes something like this:
“Yes, baby.”
“Yes, Tavin.”
“Yes, sweetie.”
And it’s done.

One day while riding in the car, my husband noticed this odd exchange and asked me, “Why does he do that?” I guess the real question should have been, “Why do I do that?” But instead I answered, “I guess he just wants to make sure I’m still here, or I’m just an answer away.” It never dawned on me until recently just how much he needed that simple reassurance, but more than anything, just how much I wanted to give it to him.

That particular dialogue happens a lot between us, so much so, that it’s become a natural, all too common, free flowing, knee jerk conversation. I blame it on the notion that Tavin and I are emotionally and spiritually connected. This weird exchange between us transformed from a desire and need for one another.

Maybe the underlying conversation could be translated like this:
Mommy, are you still there?
Yes, baby. I’m always here.
Mommy, do you still love me?
Yes, Tavin, I’ll never stop loving you.
Mommy, are you still listening to me even when it’s about nothing?
Yes, sweetie, I hear you even when we talk about nothing in particular.
Sometimes our relationship with God can be much like that. We just need to be reassured that God is still there, listening.
Yes, daughter.
Yes, my child.
Yes, my treasure.
He’s only an answer away whenever we call out to Him, even if it’s a check-in. All we have to do is call out: God?

MY PRAYER: God, thank You for always answering me, even if it’s just to remind me that You are near…always! Help me to be like a child calling out for reassurance, never doubting that You hear me and care.


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  2. Your a a good writer. This gave me such peace in reading it. You should write a little bedtime book. called "Reminder's of a Mother's Love." For Sure!


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