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Friday, April 27, 2012

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Join the She’s Got Issues Club

I have received a lot of interest for the She’s Got Issues online study. In order to give everyone ample opportunity to order and receive their books from Christianbooks.com, the study will begin on Tuesday, May 8th.

365107: She"s Got Issues: Seriously Good News for Stressed-Out, Secretly Scared Control Freaks Like Us She's Got Issues: Seriously Good News for Stressed-Out, Secretly Scared Control Freaks Like Us
By Nicole Unice

If you’re visiting for the first time because you saw a friend post on facebook about this study, find out more about the book and what it entails here.

We will be doing a seven week study of the book. Each week I will post a brief summary of the chapters, offer some insight and/or personal experiences, and ask each member to participate in the group discussion.
Together we’ll share our answers from the journaling exercises, discuss what we learned, express what we’ve discovered about ourselves, and correlate the biblical scriptures to our everyday lives.

In the meantime, please register for the class by completing BOTH requirements:

1. Introduce yourself to the She’s-Got-Issues Club (author Nicole Unice said it best: “You’re in good company!”) with a comment below, stating: “Hi, my name is [insert name], and I’ve Got Issues! My biggest issue I struggle with is [choose one: control, insecurity, comparison, fear, anger]. I live in [city, ST]. (Please feel free to add any other information about yourself.) OR…If you are having a difficult time leaving a message on this site, please feel free to join my facebook page and leave the comment there.
2. Go to my Contact! page and fill out the form. Please indicate that you’re registering for the study. This will allow me to receive your email address confidentially. (Don’t worry, I won’t flood your inbox with unwanted junk mail. You will only receive course confirmation, study guide curriculum and information!)

Once you’ve done both, you will then receive an email confirmation with further details about the study.
Now make sure to order your book so you can start on Tuesday, May 8th!

Welcome to the She’s Got Issues Club!


  1. This sounds like an awesome study. Is the book available in ebook format? Living in South Africa, it wouldn't reach me in time. And I've definitely got issues.

    Visiting via SITS Sharefest :)

  2. Looks like you can get it on Kindle from Amazon.

  3. thanks for sharing this :)



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