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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sighs Matter (Repost)

i will do your praying

REMINDER FROM GOD: The moment you get tired in the waiting, My Spirit is right alongside helping you along. If you don’t know how or what to pray, it doesn’t matter. I will do your praying in and for you, making prayer out of your wordless sighs, your aching groans.

{Romans 8:26-27 MSG; NIV: but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.}

NOTE TO SELF: This is a repost from last June, and one of my ultimate favorite scriptures that I still adhere to today
There are so many moments in my prayer life when I feel either completely overwhelmed by just how much I need to pray for, or the lack of thought process to conjure any prayers up at all! There are many times I find myself sighing, mainly out of frustration of my own ineptitude to simply pray. What a relief to know that when I sigh, the Holy Spirit finds words for it and turns it into a prayer.

I find so much comfort in knowing that even my sighs matter. My groans, too, can find the ears of God with sweet, soothing sounds.

Sometimes I feel the Spirit move me to pray for something in particular. Other times I feel nothing at all, and all I can do at that point is sigh and admit, “I don’t know their needs, God…but You do. Let Your will be done.”

There are other times where my own spirit is weak and weighed down with immense burdens, and all I can muster up in my prayer time is a sigh. Although that seems disrespectful, it is one of the most beautiful moments we can experience with God. It’s at that moment when we fully put our trust in God because we have nothing else. When we become vulnerable God finds us accessible.

MY PRAYER: Lord, teach us to pray. But when we find ourselves unable to, we lift up our sighs and groans and know you have translated the language of our heart into heavenly words. When we are at a loss for words, we can just breathe a sigh of relief. That’s all we have to do. You will do the rest. Because even our sighs matter to you. Thank You, Father. Amen.


  1. Thanks for stopping by the Finally Friday blog hop! I'm now following you :)

    I see you have The Gospel for Asia link. Are you involved with them? We are every year! I give someone different each year the gift of giving in their honor for The Gospel for Asia. Our kids love it too.


  2. Hi Allison! Yes, I actually blog for them each month. It's one of my favorite organizations, along with Joyce Meyer Ministries. I'm so glad you participate with them. Every single penny donated to GFA goes directly out into the field. The people who work for GFA are sponsored through friends, family or churches, so that there aren't any overhead costs to the organization. It's pretty amazing!

  3. I am excited to get another child in my life. Mine are all grown up. So now i know where to choose a child that needs me as much as i need she or he or both. Why stop at one when i think about it. I did have twins my 1st pregnancy. :) Always an opportunity is given with God. thanx to Jesus


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