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Monday, April 2, 2012

Meditation Monday: It’s In Christ

dig in series2

Who are you? I mean, truly, in the deepest parts…who are you?

This week we’re going to dig deep inside of ourselves. We’re going to find out how to be our genuine and unique selves. For many of us, we don’t care to bring that person to the surface, for we believe it carries many faults and flaws, so we hide away and convince ourselves we need to be someone else in order to be loved by others.

Last week we learned about God’s great and lavish love for us. But how can we experience God’s love if we first don’t love ourselves?

In today’s generation we are experiencing this overwhelming call to be someone we are not. We are bombarded day in and day out with images of who we should be, what we should wear, and who we should look like. The world sets a standard that is extremely hard to duplicate; and for those who try, it sometimes ends up tragically.

So how can we find out who we really are, in the deepest part of our core, if we don’t first shut out the world’s static-noise and simply listen to what God has to say about who we are and who we should be?

Ephesians 1:11 (this week’s scripture to memorize) tells us how we can discover our true selves:

It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.

Many of us who have suffered—or still are suffering—from past abuses, being bullied, or trying to conform into a very narrow view of the world’s opinion of who we should be and what we should look like, have a very difficult time finding any value within ourselves. We spend so many hours of the day trying to be something we’re not, hiding our true selves so as not to be found out and looked down upon.

This week we are going to take a firm stand against the world’s destructive push to be like everyone else. We are not going to be ashamed of who we are, how we look, or be convinced we need to be like everyone else in order to be loved. Because once we come to terms with our true selves, and discover just how much we like ourselves in Christ, we will desire to take care of ourselves properly. We will nurture ourselves through God’s immense love.

We have no reason to fear being real and genuine; to be truly happy with who we are—the way God made us to be. God desires us to love ourselves with a healthy, reasonable attitude and behavior. As a new creation in Christ, it’s His Holy Spirit that dwells within us, bringing forth all the goodness of who we are that the world will never seem to understand. That’s just something we have to accept and shut off in our minds.

Let’s discover our true selves—not the person we believe our parent’s “made” us be, or the person we think we’re supposed to be because everyone else is “doing it.” Let’s instead dig in deep into the very core of who we are and let the real us shine through!

Get ready. God’s about to do something new for you this week!

{Aside from memorizing this week’s scripture, take an internal inventory. Dig in deep and pluck out the weeds of desire to be something or someone you are not. Declare today that you will strive this week to be who God intended you to be!}

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  1. This is a great way of checking our steps of both yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Which is good for everyone as throughout a busy day there may be things we bypass or overlooked.
    I love that the Lord Jesus gave us the liberty to choose, to try, to even fail, and try again. That's the Lord i love. He gives me permission to improve. His Love is never stagnant or predictable. Its Alive Word and is meant to live through us. When we share the many words of wisdom that have proven true in our lives it blesses those who accept it. Its like a tree bearing fruit endlessly. Living with Christ Jesus Yeshua Messiah. Praises to His Name. His desire is to be our friend and not our judge.


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