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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Focus of God’s Love

focus of my love

Have you ever felt like no one seems to care about you, good or bad? Do you feel lost in a crowd? Like you’re just taking up space and there seems to be no real purpose to it all…

REMINDER FROM GOD: Long before I laid down the earth’s foundations, I had you in mind, had settled on you, as the focus of my love.

{Ephesians 1:4}

NOTE TO SELF: He saved the best for last: Us. He created light, sky, oceans, animals, land…everything. But none of that really mattered in the grand scheme of things.

We are the main attraction. All of that “stuff” wasn’t even the main thought of God in His Creation. They were mere afterthoughts.

In fact, they mean so little to Him, that God even says He’d give it all up, sell it all, just for us to come back to Him (Isaiah 43:4 MSG). It’s because we bear His name. He created us for His glory, personally formed and made each one of us! (Isaiah 43:7) And He did just that. He gave up earth, surrendered it, and paid a high price so that we would understand just how much He loves us. And in that ultimate sacrifice is an offer, “Come back to Me.”

When you feel little in this great big world, you should find a quiet place and reflect on this reminder from God. Although the world is enormous, and we seem so insignificant in it, God is telling us that it’s the complete opposite. We are big in a small world. Before He thought of how to put it all together, He had YOU at the forefront of His mind—the “focus” of his love. Which means everything you see…is a gift to you from Him.

MY PRAYER: Father, help me to place this truth in the core of who I am; that I am, and have ALWAYS been, the focus of your love. You imagined me and all that I’d be, long before you even set anything else in motion. You imagined how the world would fit with ME in it! You saw my place in the world, and that’s what made Your Creation complete. Thank You for this kind of love that only You can give. Amen.


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