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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Being Real

the Lord is my rock
“I’m fed up!” Job 42:7

MY CONFESSION: Today I just need to be real for a minute. I want to publically confess to you, my friends, my readers, those who love me, those who don’t know me. It doesn’t matter, because you’re here for the same reason I am: you love Jesus, you need a Word from Him, you need to be reminded of His goodness and His promises. You need to know that someone out there is going through what you’re going through. You need hope. You need an answer. Well, my confession today is that I do, too.

It’s been hard writing these blogs the last few days because I’ve felt utterly hopeless in our situation with our son, Tavin. My faith has been teetering on edge, back and forth, and my anger has been scattered all over the place. What can I write to encourage you when I feel so discouraged? How can I give you promises from God when I feel I have none of my own? How can I help you be sure God is on your side if I don’t feel he’s on mine? And here’s what God told me:

REMINDER FROM GOD: Don’t I set you on the road to life? Don’t I keep you out of the ditch? I train you first, pass you like silver through refining fires, bring you into hardscrabble country, push you to your very limit, road-test you inside and out, take you to hell and back…but I will bring you to a well-watered place. I surely AM listening. I won’t ever turn a deaf ear, I stay with you, loyal in My love.

{Psalm 66:8-20 MSG}

NOTE TO SELF: So where is the hope in this? King David and Job were just like you and I. They battled God directly. They suffered at the hands of the enemy and their so-called friends. They had highs and lows, ups and downs. They raged at God, but fell down on their knees in worship, too. They were just being real with God. In fact, in Job 42:7-8, God explains to Job’s friends:
“I’m fed up! You haven’t been honest either with Me or about Me—not the way my friend Job has…[Job] will ask Me not to treat you as you deserve for talking nonsense about Me, and for not being honest with me, as he has.” (MSG, emphasis mine)
Through these last few weeks of torment, I’ve found myself often yelling at God, demanding He do something; but I’ve also been singing songs of worship before Him, declaring His utter goodness.
But here’s what’s truly important about God’s reminder today: we have free will. Life is going to be rotten, and things are always going to shake us up from time to time. It will throw us off our game and make us angry. God can’t, and WON’T, do anything to stop us from reacting the way we will to those circumstances. God will not get in our face and force us to shut-up, or demand we stop acting foolishly. He will let us do what we need to do.

On the flip side, the devil will absolutely get in our face, relentlessly badgering us to call it quits, to convince us God doesn’t care, that God has left us. God won’t silence the enemy. He’s given us free will to choose. He honors us by entrusting us to make the right decisions, like Job and David did. Be bold and honest before God, but never forget Who God is and His promises for your life.
David said in Psalm 13 (MSG):
“Take a good look at me, God, My God…I’ve thrown myself headlong into your arms—I’m celebrating your rescue…I’m so full of answered prayers!”
David knew His place with God, as did Job. David always expected a Godly outcome even during some of his most terrifying moments and felt abandoned by God. David knew God and His promises. He stood on them as hard core truth, and that’s what made Him bold and real before God.

{Keep seeking God’s reminders and promises for yourself day after day. In times of trouble remind yourself of Who God is: the Great I AM that I AM. Be bold. Be real. Be honest. God will honor you for it.}

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