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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


“Hear me when I call, O God…” (Psalm 4:1)

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MY PRAYER: I am weary, Lord. I feel lifeless and empty. The bleakness of winter always wears me down, but this year is too much. There have been far too many disappointments. Too many letdowns and burdens I am unable to carry any longer. I ache for some sort of rest, God. Just a day when I can quietly sit and rebuild all that I’ve lost, and all that I’m seeming to lose. My life feels like winter: bare, bleak, and cold. What will become of all this?

REMINDER FROM GOD: You are blessed, as you seek Me and not the counsel of the ungodly. You delight in My ways, and you meditate on them day and night. Because of that, you are a tree replanted by the rivers of water—My living water!—that brings its fruit in  season, whose leaf also shall not wither. Whatever you do shall prosper. How much I love you!!Look up! I hear your voice in the morning. Pile your troubles on My shoulders, and let Me carry your load. Commit yourself to Me when you feel helpless. I see your trouble and grief. Have I not took you in and drew you out of many deep waters? I AM the Lord, and I AM your support. I deliver you because I delight in you. I will restore that which you have lost. You will have twice as much as you had before. I AM your strength and you can trust Me…

{Psalm 1:1-3 (NKJV & MSG); John 4:10; Psalm 5:3; Psalm 55:22; Psalm 10:14; Psalm 18:16-19; Job 42:10; Psalm 18:2}

NOTE TO SELF: Psalm 1 has appeared to me in many ways and in various situations. It all started a few months ago when our lives were beginning to turn upside down very quickly. I admit, most of my Christian walk I never even knew this Psalm existed—never heard of it, or never paid much attention to it (isn’t it funny how God works like that?).

This scripture gives me direct insight as to how God sees me. I see myself lacking and empty, while He sees me like a replanted tree next to rivers of water. That means I am always fed, always full, always flourishing! Even when I feel weak, restless, or useless for that matter, God sees me as strong, prosperous, and bearing fruit, which means I never have to wither with worry. 

To be replanted I had to have came from somewhere else; a cold, barren land where I am unable to flourish. Just like many plants that outgrow their small pot and needs to be replanted into a larger one, being replanted means being refreshed and renewed. It means I’m being taken out of one place and placed somewhere new, somewhere better. It means quite simply: another chance. This new chance at life puts me in direct connection with the Living Water, Jesus Himself…my life Source!

{Are you replanted or in the process of being plucked and moved? When you feel low, look up! Consider how much God loves you, and visualize yourself flourishing, never withering, and always having your needs met much like a tree planted near water.}

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