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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Choice. Pro-Life. It doesn’t matter. Please read this regardless of where you stand on this issue. Please…

Carenet is a Christian network of over 1,200 centers addressing the needs of crisis pregnancies. The local Kenosha center is anticipating terrific transformations, but is in facing growing pains that leaves them in dire need of funding to make it happen.

They are currently located in a tiny house on
Roosevelt Road between 22nd and 23rd Avenue.
They are tucked away between two other retail buildings. They are quickly outgrowing this facility and have the property up for sale. It has been on the market for months with not even one walk-through.

Carenet offers various services to women in need:
o                   Pregnancy tests & Options Counseling
o                   Adoption Referrals
o                   Parenting/Life Skills Classes
o                   Abstinence Education
o                   PACE (Post abortion peer counseling and education)

This isn’t about anti-abortion. This is the ultimate place where women in need can make “choices” that will fit their needs.

Many women are not informed of what an abortion is, what they entail, and what the consequences are. Carenet’s hope is offer real-life solutions to those who are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. They never force their opinions on those who seek their services, nor do they pass judgments on those who eventually choose to terminate their pregnancy.

For women who decide to proceed with the option of abortion, Carenet is there to serve them with open, loving and healing arms. As someone who has suffered post-abortion traumas, I know the benefits of having someone who will listen to you and care for your needs and heartache, and be there when you battle the trauma and nightmares that will ultimately never go away.

For those who choose to keep their child, Carenet offers parenting and life skills which also allows them to earn free clothes for their children, baby supplies, check ups and diapers. This helps relieve the heavy financial burden of child rearing for low income families or single mothers.

They are currently operating out of a 6 room facility. The first floor consists of the reception area, an examination room, and a tiny office. Upstairs is a small loft-like area where they can seat only 6 people for their classes, this room is also the kitchen area. The other room is another small office/supply area, and the last room is used to store all the clothes, toys, diapers and baby supplies. They are truly in cramped corners. The problem with this older facility is that is very small, difficult to move around in, little privacy for classes, and there’s very barely enough room to accommodate the needs they are currently facing.  

They are planning on implementing an ultra-sound program and will need the extra room for that as well. They are also going to be offering post-abortion counseling for men, who believe it or not, also suffer the trauma and heartache of abortion.

I am voluntarily working side by side in their fundraising/campaign efforts to purchase a new home that will allow them to grow as the needs of women continues to exceed. The reason they are looking to purchase a home is because they feel it suites their needs and mission appropriately.

They have high expectations to receive a down payment for a home located on 60th Street, near Sheridan Road, by the end of this month!
They also hope to have the $164,000 home completely paid off within one year!!
These are bold goals, but we are praying that the needs will be met by people like you who are willing to help others in need. Again, this isn’t about choice or pro-life. This is about women who are in need of help when unfortunate events take place in their lives and they are confused, fearful and anxious. Carenet is a safe place where they can confidently confide their hopes, cares, and worries.

If you are interested in making a contribution to Carenet’s current need, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I also encourage you to forward this to friends and family who you believe have a heart to help women in need. Otherwise, you can contact them directly:
Care Net Family Resource Center
Roosevelt Road
Kenosha, WI 53143


Thank you so much for your time and contribution!!

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