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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Be Confident

“Attend to my cry; give ear to my prayer” (Psalm 17:1)

MY PRAYER: Today is the last day of 2011. I can’t explain it, but I…feel something big is about to happen. I feel ready to take it on, and ready for bigger and better things. However, I’ve felt this way before. I’ve been here so many times, anticipating things to change. I don’t want to sound negative—because I’m trying so hard to change my outlook and enlarge my vision—but what if I’m wrong about this feeling I have? Being confident in things to come has always been something I've lacked. I try to remain hopeful and positive, but life knocks me down a lot. What if nothing changes, God?

REMINDER FROM GOD: Be confident in what you are feeling, because I began a good work within you, and I will carry it out to completion. You will have a flourishing finish upon My return. (See Philippians 1:6 NKJ and MSG)

NOTE TO SELF: The Creator of heaven and earth is allowing me and instructing me to be confident [sure, absolute, resolved] in knowing that He won’t stop working in me until that great day when Christ returns. When I feel nothing has changed, I can be sure that many things are in the works—good things. I will remain hopeful, even when it doesn’t happen overnight (like the first day of the New Year!), because although my circumstances may not change right away, God promises that He won’t let me down.

{Do you feel something is about to change dramatically in your life? What would you like to see God do in your life in 2012? Write them down, draw close to God tonight, and give Him your dreams.}

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