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Friday, December 30, 2011

Are We There Yet?!

“Attend to my cry; give ear to my prayer” (Psalm 17:1)

MY PRAYER: Lord Jesus, this has been an excruciatingly rough year. My family and I have suffered greatly in so many areas of our lives. My mother’s cancer is spreading quickly, my husband has yet to find a job, and although I’ve received job offers, they are all commission-based with no guaranteed income. We have been blessed by so many people, God, and I do thank You for sending them into our lives to help us in our time of need. But God, I really want—no, I really need—this situation to change. We have cried out to you for several years, waiting for a breakthrough in our finances. I have been expectant God, and although my faith faltered from time to time, I never really gave up hope that You would be our Refuge, Redeemer and Rescuer. This year is ending soon, Lord, and I’m just eager to know…when will this suffering end?

REMINDER FROM GOD: Although you have suffered a while, I am perfecting, establishing, and strengthening you. I have great plans for you—eternal and glorious plans—and it won’t be long before I will have you put all together again. You will be back on your feet and settled for good. Just hang on…we’re almost there. (See 1 Peter 5:10 NKJ and MSG)

NOTE TO SELF: It’s as if I’m taking a very long road trip with my heavenly Father. I’m bored and restless, which makes me angry and irritable. I hate being in the car for long periods of time. I absolutely hate it! I just want to be at our destination already, and I’m the nagging child in the backseat whining, “Are we there yet, Daddy!? How much longer?”

God’s in the driver seat. He is taking me where I need to go, and where I belong. I just need to hang on a little longer. This scripture is God’s promise that it won’t be much longer now. And God promises that once He has put me back together by perfecting me, establishing me, and strengthening me, that it will be “for good.” (What great and glorious news!)

All I need to do now is sit back and be patient during the rest of the ride.

We’re almost there. I can feel it.

{What rough ride have you been on this year? Do you believe that God is establishing great plans for you? What would that look like for your life, and how would it feel to be finally settled...for good?}

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