"God didn't send me out to collect a following for myself, but to preach the Message of what He has done, collecting a following for Him" (1 Corinthians 1:17)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Speaking the Truth in Love

Scripture to reflect upon for Truth Tuesday: Ephesians 4:15
Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is, Christ.

Most people don’t even believe in truth, more or less speak it. That’s how the world operates these days. We have lost our ways, and the truth seems to mean very little anymore.

The problem society faces is this unnerving idea that there’s no such thing as truth, especially when it concerns “faith.” I recently wrote a blog, Intolerant Tolerance, which talked in great detail about how the lack of seeking truth has brought heated disagreements about who and what we are now “required” to tolerate.

I talked yesterday about the Occupy Wall Street protest, and how the media is slurping it up like a refreshing Icee on a hot summer’s day. Mmmm. Yummy. These protesters are not speaking in truth. Most of them don’t even care to know the truth, more or less speak it or fight for it, which amazes me since that seems to be what they are trying to say. But the message gets lost because nothing they say or do is done in love. And along with truth, love doesn’t matter anymore either. It’s a free-for-all dominated society with no consequences, while those who fight for truth, love and honest justice are served countless penalties and blows to the stomach.

As you can see, the message of hate, violence, and racism is all skewed into a pretty picture the media portrays as “tolerance.” Anyone who doesn’t agree with that message is considered the intolerant ones. There’s no truth to anything they say, there’s no love in anything they say, so it negates their message. No one can make any real sense of it, and that’s the whole point.

As Christians, are we negating our message, too? I often found myself in heated debates with people about my beliefs. Most non-believers baited me with name calling and accusations of being a hate monger while never truly listening to my side of the story. I soon found myself caught up in the argument and forgot about speaking the truth in love. So recently I found myself in another sticky situation and decided instead to tell the person that I hoped he’d reconsider his “feelings” about God, and in a loving way explained the truth of God instead of telling him how wrong he was. I then told him that Jesus loved him and believed in him regardless of what he thought of Jesus. It didn’t turn ugly, although he insisted he would never change his mind. That’s when I knew God was working on him, because I said those very words myself so many years ago, so I began to pray for this stranger.

Yesterday I said Occupy Truth, and that still holds true today. I think it’s important that as Christians we grow up and speak the truth. We need to keep defending our rights, keep protecting our children, and never EVER use anger or hate as justification for either. We need to become powerful in the Spirit, and present ourselves as an example of Truth so many people have forgotten and let go of. We need to be the leaders of this nation and step up and stomp on the devil’s strongholds before we relinquish all our rights to those who are desperately trying to steal our freedoms. They are going for the Christians first, allowing foreign gods to take Christ’s place in our country. Those who hate Christians are the first to step up and cheer for false gods, eager to shut us up and shut us down.

NOTE TO SELF: Despite our frustrations, "instead" we must ALWAYS consider speaking the truth in love.


  1. I am sure this has been the stumbling-stone for many. As we are under attack always by unbelievers. Even by those saying that they are Christ-like. But are anything except Christ-like. You know Christ very presence demanded authority. So we will never have that. That is Christ. He earned it. And upon Gods timing, He will take that authority, we just have to be patient. That no-man take thy crown of life. rev. 3:9-13 this verse helped me so very much. it was like cool water on an inner fire. Aft. i was attacked physically by druggie gangster girls aft i turned them in to authorities. They stole my car. broke my hand. And man let them get away with it. With his limited knowledge. But God will enact judgement in His timing. Thanx to God, my Father, Amen

  2. Judge not according to appearance but judge righteous judgment.Jesus said this.Judge not lest you be judged.Jesus said this also.Now, how to reckon what looks to be a contradiction.Study and rightly divide the word of truth.2Ti2:15-We are to judge right from wrong.Even our brothers and people we come in contact with everyday.We are not to condemn though-Your mind is constantly judging all sorts of input.Getting the right download to help it work thru all the data is the rub here.Sound doctrine can not co-exist w/ the spirit of error.The devil will continue to use your love for others against you as long as you remain ignorant to truth-It's not enoff to confess you have the mind of Christ you must be teachable by the Spirit of truth.86 your church-e-ainty traditions and take on a new down load.

  3. want to hunt up some Jezebel spirits in your church.Here's how.Start talking about judgment an that you are to judge. An be prepared for her wrath.She will rise up in your face and unload all the garbage we have been taught by miss guided pastors for decades.Do your home work- stay prayed up and don't get offended.Just know that good doctrine will save those who receive it.

  4. Speaking the truth in love.Just because a man is well known and been the head of a large ministry for many years dosen't mean he is correct in all he teaches.And if he is wrong in a long held doctrine dosen't mean he is operated in the spirit of error neither.mY OPIONON."Pat R.of 700club" recently stated he is now a post rapture believer.I think he is 100% wrong on this one.It makes no sence- Jesus when he returns is going to catch us up in the clouds for a quick hello your here now and proceed to earth to set up his Kingdom.It makes no sence when you ponder it with some other facts.

  5. cont.--also it is a most important spiritual authority aspect to this revealing of the son of perdition -He will be withheld til those who occupie spirit territory are caught up- then all hell is let loose so to speak.The son of perdition perhaps thinks he is even in good standing with God right now.When he is left behind his rage is revealed against heaven.The wheat and the tears remember.Rom9---oh Lord why hast thou made me thus.It is what you yeilded to my child.I delt with you and you remained brutish-work out your own salvation with fear and trembling -not a popular aspect to the good news is it.None the less, important to your laying hold on eternal life.

  6. You see folks the time is now. when the people will not endure sound doctrine.They are busy trying to mass lots of money to make their unsubmitted wives happy-Bigger nicer house another new car and the kids off to collage to become a good Babylonian American over educated leftist antichrist.Be content with such things as you have-what in the world dose this mean in light of todays confess it I am so blessed believer.Money is not bad -bad is when we fail to find God's will for our lives.

  7. if you have read this far---Ok I have over loaded the comment zone. Alot on my plate.I don't know it all but-- hears me.I am a white male of 53- born again in 1972- spirit filled at 16 speaking in other tongues.Have had many supernatural encounters with God over the years even heard His audible voice on 2 occations.Also to my dis-credit I have tried to run from God for half my life span.Yet I can not stay away from Him.He is the lover of my soul.Periods of adjustment I like to refer my backslidings,to make a long story short.Look out for when I play my guitar and sing, the glory will fall on many in that day.Bold is ok off the wall and scale is ok also keeping your mouth shut is not ok-about Jesus- people are dying every minite w/out Jesus as their Lord and savor.what are you doing smarty pants.get a belt please---lol

  8. speaking the truth in Love -faithful are the wounds of a freind.Fear of man brings a snare.The righteous are as bold as a lion.we come into the Kingdom thru much tribulation.All your failings and your diffaculties-this is what is being used as all things work in your favor.Ponder your weaknesses and missed oppertunities- know that it will all come together as we all learn that we are saved by mercy and grace.Cast your cares on him be dilagent to get loose from that sin that sets you back into contemnation we got work to do freind.My house shall be called a house of prayer? please someone tell what the church is waiting for to get into some fervent devil busting all the time prayer.Man it is so good when this happens.God presence can be so wonderful- when the church finally wants Him to be in service.It is serious stuff. traditional church is play time for the devil-and a waisting of countess sundays-you all have no clue about a real prayer life do you- i know been there and done that-looking for people hungry for fervent prayer-sissy prayers are for sissy beleivers

  9. Living a stones thru away from the ocean these days.Me and my brother.South Melbourne bch Fl. surfing and fishing. it is so good to be loosing weight again in this wonder place.After 20 years and I am back.I have a vision for this place. So if you all hear of a brake out of a mighty move of God hear in Melbourne beach don't be surprized.God is looking for a few yielded vessels to move mountains.

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