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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Listening

Scripture to reflect upon for Thirsty Thursday: Psalm 57:7
My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is steadfast and confident!

As Christians, this year we have been bombarded with Sunshine Sermons that have lifted our hopes and given us divine inspiration. Unfortunately, that only seems to go so far before reality sets in and life gets complicated all over again.

As we strive to become the people God is calling us to be, we will get attacked harder and harder by the enemy. The world, too, will find unique and clever ways to distract you and take you off track. Society will shun you into believing that your ways are “ancient” and obsolete in today’s modern world. The media, specifically Hollywood, will also try and convince you that it can’t be done, so you might as well just conform and be done with it.

Yesterday’s blog talked about moving over and letting God take over. It depicted my personal “wilderness” journey in letting God’s will for my life take charge. Upon posting it on Facebook, a very sweet woman who is suffering her own great challenges right now asked a very bold and not-so-unique question: “How do I let God take over? I have no idea how to just let Him lead, and it makes me question every decision I make.” I say it’s not-so-unique because the irony of her question was that I had been asking that very same question for months!  

These are incredibly tough times, my friends. These are quite possibly the toughest times we’ve seen in our lifetime. Unemployment. Financial debt. Bankruptcy. Foreclosures. High gas and grocery prices combined with minimal, if any, wages. Who can afford to live in this day and age? These are the very things the enemy is using against us; to take our focus off of Christ and instead focus on our circumstances. Once we do that, we will do what my dear friend is doing, and as I recently did, too: question every decision we make. Joyce Meyer wrote in, New Day, New You:

“Whatever we do for the Lord, the devil will try to do something to cause us to lose confidence. He doesn’t want us to have confidence in our prayers…or that we hear from God. He wants us to go around feeling like a failure.”

Sometimes keeping this as knowledge in the forefront of our minds is easier said than done. Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen are two people that come to mind that make it look easy, right? But for us out here, struggling day in and day out, wondering how in the world we will make it through another day, these things don’t always seem so simple. I get that. That’s why I write these blogs. I’m not Joyce, Joel or T.D. Jakes. I’m just a real person with her own personal tragedies and triumphs, as are you.

So how, then, do we regain our confidence in Christ? Joyce suggests speaking scriptures/promises for our lives out loud, and I agree with her. I think that’s the first part we should incorporate into our prayer life. The second part comes from my recent personal experience: listen to God, heed the promptings and nudges. Don’t question them. When we resist God’s calling, we also resist God’s blessings.

Today, instead of a NOTE TO SELF, I’d like to just share some simple applications to regain your confidence in Christ Jesus:

  1. Pray to God and confess that you have not been listening. Then ask God to tell you AGAIN what it is He desires for you to do—or not do. You will probably realize it’s something He’s been whispering in your ear for months! I promise you, once you realize you’ve heard God tell you this time and time again and finally just heed the call and stop resisting it, a peace will settle on you like never before! Will this make all your problems disappear? NO! But you will now have some sense of peace over the situation.
  2. Ask God to fill you abundantly with His Holy Spirit, grace and wisdom to help you do what He is asking you to do. The peace God gives you will also provide you with the power to overcome the enemy and the world’s seduction to quit! “For God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self control” (2 Timothy 1:7).
  3. Find scriptures that collaborate with God’s calling on your life and write them down on index cards. Read them every morning upon waking. Read them throughout the day. Read them before bed. Memorize them so that you will always have them readily available…in your heart and spirit. God is calling me to be a housewife and a stay at home mom, so I am studying what that means in God’s eyes through scriptures.
  4. Don’t give up. Find people who will stand behind you and support you every step of the way! The enemy preys on those who try to stand alone—the prideful. I never realized just how prideful I was until all this began to break down. I am incredibly stubborn. Being stubborn prevents God from doing what He needs to do. It insists that I know better than anyone else, including God Himself. In our stubbornness, we also reject human comfort and support. We resist blessings and call it “charity.” We resist prayers and call it “neediness.” We resist comfort and call it “weakness.” But God is aching for us to let go of all these misjudgments on the blessings He is aching to bestow on us…if we’d only let Him. He will work through others. Don’t look for outrageous miracles; instead notice the miracles He does for you through others. They are small but powerful. Most of the time in my stubbornness, I’ve found that I ache to quit. Our weaknesses can be our strengths. Take the stubbornness and turn into a drive to NOT give up! Use it against the devil! Use it to stay strong!

I pray for you today this simple prayer:
Father God, You alone are our source of comfort, power and peace. We have not been listening to You and have been trying to fight these battles on our own. Forgive us, Lord. Heal our hearts, restore our spirits, and help us to be who You are calling us to be.

Many of you know I’m a huge Frasier fan, and today I think one of his classic lines fits today’s message: I’m listening…


  1. i have read many of your posts. Your an inspiration to many. May God use you as a great light, guiding others to Him. You never give homage to satan's power. Only to God's Power, Stronger. When the criticism comes from dark voices like they always do. Just Know that We Love You from Heaven, thanx my sister friend,

  2. Hannah, thank you SO MUCH for that!! The enemy has been attacking me, particularly when it comes to the blog. I'm bombarded with thoughts that this doesn't matter to anyone, and no one is getting anything from them. So thank you for those words...from God!


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