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Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Sin is Always Before Me

Scripture to reflect upon for Thirsty Thursday: Psalm 51:12
Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

It was just a simple scripture that jumped out at me today. Restore. Joy. Salvation. Grant me. Willing spirit. Sustain me. This scripture is chock FULL of blessings…for the asking.

David knew his sin, and he said in verse 3 that it was, “always before me.” We all know what this is like, don’t we? We have a particular sin in mind that always taunts us. It’s the one sin that seems to hinder our walk with God.

These past few months I often find myself fondly remembering “the joy of my salvation.” Don’t you often reflect on that time, too? Remember how fresh and new everything was? Remember how confident you were in Christ and nothing—I mean, NOTHING—could steal your joy! I used to think that nothing could stand in my way, and nothing or no one could come between me and God. Little did I know that I would be the one thing to build the wall so high I couldn’t see over it anymore.

Now I’m relentlessly chipping away at that enormous wall, trying to find my joy again. The problem is that my wall is thick and sturdy, and all I have is a tiny chisel that merely flings flecks of the wall away. What I really need is a bulldozer.

God, I pray today that You be the bulldozer to my fortress. Break down the walls that I have built around me and my sin. I know you have forgiven me, but Lord, I have not forgiven myself. I ache for that joy of salvation again, and I know it’s there for the asking. I long to know You and trust You the way I did back then. Give me a willing spirit, God. That I would be willing to stand strong with You all the days of my life, no matter what comes my way. Renew a steadfast spirit within me, that it will sustain me, and hold me up, and keep me strong in You.

NOTE TO SELF: Pur your sin behind you. The joy of your salvation is there for the asking, and all you need is a willing spirit. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart. Make your sacrifice to God today by offering Him your broken spirit and broken heart. Psalm 51:17 says God does not despise it.

1 comment:

  1. Thanx for our Savior who forgave all the sins of stupidity of our past.
    He forgets and He forgives, He lifts and He carries.

    Oh my God i love the Fortress!. Who made it? that is awesome, !!!
    Hats off to whoever had the patience to make it.


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