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Monday, September 19, 2011

Jesus of Convenience

Scripture to reflect upon for Manic Monday: Romans 2:13
Doing, not hearing, is what makes the difference with God.

How was your weekend? Did you hear a good sermon at church yesterday?

I recently had an encounter with a wonderful person who told me a story about his conversion. He relayed to me that he had been a Christian his whole life but was merely a “Sunday Christian.” He had no idea what it meant to live for Christ daily, until he got saved in 1996.

I know so many misguided people who are attending church faithfully every Sunday, warming the pews, sitting quietly, listening patiently, anxiously waiting for the hour to pass as they map out their lunch plans. With their lips they tell me they go to church, but with their actions they admit they are lost and Godless. “Merely hearing God’s law is a waste of your time if you don’t do what he commands” (Romans 2:13).

I hold no judgments on you if you go to church. I commend you if you do. However, what does it really mean to you? Do you go to church to make a statement about who you are to others? I go to church on Sundays…therefore, I’m righteous. Do you attend Sunday sermons in hopes God will see you sitting there and remember it on Judgment Day? God, why am I not able to enter heaven? I went to church faithfully every Sunday!

God wants to know if you will live for Him. He doesn’t care if you can sit through an hour sermon once a week. He wants to know if you’ll dedicate an hour a day devoted only to Him, when no one else can see you. He sees your fanny sitting in the pew, but it means nothing to God if you don’t get up from that pew and live the sermon in your everyday life.

NOTE TO SELF: This week I challenge you to reflect on the sermon you heard yesterday at church (if you went to church!) and apply it to your everyday life.

If you are merely going to church as a statement, rather than a lifestyle, confess to Jesus today! Ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you on a whole new level. Seek Jesus of the bible, not the Jesus of convenience. Start living for God, and stop living to project a reputation of godliness. Get real, because God knows what you’re really doing…even if you think the world around you doesn’t (and trust me, they do, too!).

If you are not saved, or haven't given your life to Jesus, you are NOT connected to God. That's the plain and simple truth. Jesus is the bridge, as the photo today indicates. You canNOT get to heaven without knowing Him on a personal level. If you are not saved, but you want a relationship with God, stop what you're doing and say this prayer out loud:

Jesus, I want to know You....I need to know You. I want a relationship with You, God and the Holy Spirit. I want to experience You everyday of my life. I come to You humbly, and ask that You forgive my sins and make me whole again. You died on the cross for me, and I am approaching Your throne of grace and mercy with confidence that I will be saved and born again. Come into my heart and change me, Jesus. Amen.  

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  1. Upon Doing and Not hearing only.

    Its been made to be apparent to me that the problem seems to be in terminology. Such as the word 'Christian',used as an umbrella it hides many sins. Many who are not. claim that they are. they make such statements as 'i am saved', God loves me, Salvation is free., or they tell you when they got saved, as if it came and went. They never can tell of the many ways that they were an actual 'doer of the Word'.
    They go to church 4 hr. on Sunday. and the remainder of the week they walk in sin is the fact.
    A tree is known of the fruits they bear. Amen


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