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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

See You in Hell

Scripture to reflect upon for Wednesday’s Wisdom: Proverbs 10:23
A fool finds pleasure in evil conduct, but a man of understanding delights in wisdom.

“See you in hell my friend!” they yell excitedly at each other with goofy smiles on their face, tongues sticking out and horn-fists blazing in the air. Is this not the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen and heard?

There are so many people who truly believe that hell will be one big party where they can keep drinking, keep smoking dope, keep shooting up, keep having sex, keep lying, keep cheating each other…in essence, keep living the same way they are now. They are fools, and that is why they lavish themselves in evil conduct, believing the lie that hell is the eternal party and good time. Who gave them this outrageous notion that hell will be Partytown?

I recently told Jared that every single person on earth, believer and non, walk daily in the presence of God. Whether they know it or not, or care to or not, this life and everything in it is God’s creation. The earth revolving daily around the sun so we can have light. The soothing breeze on a warm day. The bright moon resting high in the sky on a star-filled night. The aroma of fresh rain and cut grass. The lightening display behind transparent clouds. Everyday when you wake up, every night when you close your eyes, you are in the presence of God. Not that you’d want to, but there’s no escape from God’s beauty.  

In hell, there will be no light, no laughing, no singing, no rock n roll music. There will not be pornography and sex. Hell is nothing like that. Hell, is nothing at all. The real torment is being out of the presence and grace of God. It is the black hole of nothingness. No sound. No light. No communication. Just pure emptiness.

Hell is not Rock N Roll High School. It won’t be fun and exciting, or just another kegger party with AC/DC or Megadeath playing signature concerts for your music enjoyment and all-access backstage passes. You won’t be shooting heroine, or drinking beer, or snorting cocaine. Girls won’t be flaunting themselves all over you, and guys won’t be admiring your beauty. You will be alone. Separated from life, separated from goodness, separated from your loved ones (even your drinking buddies), separated from hope, separated from love. (There's nothing to these people—they're dried-up fountains, storm-scattered clouds, headed for a black hole in hell. 2 Peter 2:17)

A fiery pit surrounded by wailing and scratching would be a joy in comparison to that. It’s better than nothing. You will have no voice to scream, and even if you did no one would hear you. There won’t be others to commiserate with. There will be no one else there to share that dark space. The devil himself won’t even be there. 

Take a look around you. This is not hell on earth as so many are quick to debate. This is the stepping stone to heaven. The goodness of the world is only a tiny taste of what heaven will be like. The streets are paved in gold, and our Savior will stand waiting for us with open arms and a proud smile. Everyone will be happy. The love will be intoxicating. The music will play hopeful chords of celebration and praise. There will be dancing, and the laughter will be heartfelt, contagious and unending. The light will be brilliant, warm, soothing and peaceful. There will be lush green trees, and colorful, fragrant flowers with enormous petals. The sky will dance at night with twinkling stars and dazzling lightening displays. There will be no pollution or war; only safety and security. There will never be doubt or anything to fear.

NOTE TO SELF:  Be a person of understanding and delight in wisdom…the wisdom of heaven and earth, good and evil, and God and godlessness. The fool revels in evil conduct, because they believe it will always be a joy ride…but when the ride is over, there will be nowhere to go and no one to turn to. You can revel in the fact that God is everywhere around you, 24 hours a day and will never leave your side.

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