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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Perfect Getaway

Scripture to reflect upon for Manic Monday: Psalm 27:5-6 (The Message)
That’s the only quiet, secure place in a noisy world, the perfect getaway, far from the buzz of traffic. God holds me head and shoulders above all who try to pull me down.

If you follow my blog, you already know that I’m a troubled sleeper. I typically find myself in the deepest sleep around 5 and 6 AM; but I have tried to commit that very time to God each morning. It has been a struggle to get up at 5, but I’ve found it a bit easier to get up at 6—but not much easier.

My day is incredibly chaotic and overwhelming at times. I very rarely get two seconds to myself. From 7 AM to 7 PM, my day is consumed by a brilliant, bright, and bewildered two year old boy. I love every second I get to share with him, but the truth of the matter is, sometimes I just want to sit in silence and read, or write, or even just reflect.

I know how important it is to spend time with God each day. There have been days when I’ve overslept and had no time to myself or with God the entire day, and my attitude and mood shows it. I find myself restless, impatient, irritable and frazzled. The complete opposite of how I feel when I get at least an hour of time in just between me and God.

My days are noisy and filled with constant “no’s” and “stop that!” that by the end of the day I couldn’t tell you where 12 hours of the day went or what I did. But if I have that hour with God first thing in the morning, I remember that, and that’s what gets me through the days of craziness.

I’ve also noticed that the world “reacts” differently to me when I have those refreshing mornings. Our son, Tavin, even behaves much better, too. And that alone is reason and reward enough for me to get that hour in with God before the rest of the world starts blaring and blazing all over the place.

I try not to get bogged down with routines, and today felt moved to get up and go for a walk down by the lake. The sun had already risen a bit, but was hidden behind a big bouquet of clouds, outlined with a brilliant yellow light. Just as I stepped out onto the path along the lake, the sun popped out and I felt the presence of God immediately. I had my headphones on with praise and worship music, and found myself eventually sitting on a big boulder, watching the waves crashing beneath my feet, and worshipping God in a whole new way. What an awesome experience! With God, each day is unique!!

But I can be anywhere, even in my living room, and the perfect getaway that is quiet and secure is in His presence. It is before my real day begins, before the buzz of traffic whirls around me and Tavin tugs on my pant legs persistently pleading for cur curs (animal crackers) 900 times throughout the day.

No matter what tries to pull me down—and trust me, there is plenty even as a stay at home mommy—God holds me head and shoulders above it all, allowing me to find comfort in the chaos.

NOTE TO SELF: Be committed to getting away with God before the world starts tugging and pulling on you. You will notice a significant difference in how you react to the world, and how the world responds to you, too!

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