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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

God is Everywhere...Just Look

Scripture to reflect upon for Wisdom Wednesday: Proverbs 21:11
When a mocker is punished, the simple gain wisdom; when a wise man is instructed, he gets knowledge.

Jared and I used to love watching every episode of the Travel Channel’s TV show, Anthony Bourdian: No Reservations. In fact, there was one episode based in Haiti that changed my life!

Last year’s earthquake in Haiti killed approximately 100,000 people and left over a million people homeless. A year later they are still suffering greatly. People are fighting for food, women and children are being raped, and they are always in fear of the next hurricane that will drown an entire community.

Well, Anthony Bourdain showed the horrors of Haiti, but then he showed a glimpse of hope through an organization founded by actor, Sean Penn. I immediately tried to find ways to get involved with his organization, believing that this was Haiti’s only hope because Mr. Bourdain surely implied that “one person” is there making a difference.

Now let me also change the subject briefly. It does coincide with my story, so bear with me.

A few days ago, my brother-in-law, Aeslin, told us about a conversation he had with a true atheist, his brother Wil. (Read And Other Thoughts blog on God Haters: http://tinyurl.com/43aa6hh) When he told Wil about how God changed Jared’s life, the reply was, “Why would God do that for Jared? Why, instead, won’t He do something more important like take care of the starving children in Ethiopia?” First of all, Wil couldn’t see the importance of what it actually means to the world when one person gets saved. God isn’t selfishly looking at Jared, fixating all his blessings on him without expecting some fruit being produced by and from Jared. That’s not what being saved is all about.

Okay, so let’s now get back to Haiti and the TV show. A few days after the program, I couldn’t get Haiti out of my mind. I was so shaken up by it all and ached for God to help those people. I just so happened to turn on Joyce Meyer for the morning and you’ll never guess what her episode was about: Haiti. Not just about what’s going on there in terms of destruction, hunger and violence. No, she was using her ministry, Hand of Hope, to put roofs over people’s head. To provide real hope and real security! She was doing God’s work to save an entire community in one of the most devastated places on earth.

So what’s my point in all of this? No one knows. The world doesn’t know. The secular world doesn’t know about Hand of Hope, or hundreds of other Christian organizations that are out there feeding the world, providing shelter and safety for families, and in the process, showing them the true love of Christ. Instead, the world only sees celebrities doing these good and charitable acts. Joyce Meyer was in Haiti, but Mr. Bourdain and his crew refused to show anyone the good they were doing there. Why? Because it’s a Christian organization and no one but God will get the glory for that. But if they show Sean Penn, then Sean Penn gets the glory. Madonna gets the glory for adopting one child. Angelina Jolie gets the glory for helping refugees in Cambodia. These celebrities use their high public profile to promote their causes through mass media. Now I’m not saying that their intentions are not pure. The point I’m making is that because of their money and their popularity, they are the only ones getting recognition for their humanitarian efforts. And people like my brother-in-law, Wil, automatically assume that Christians are sitting at home sopping up blessings from God. (What’s funny about that—not funny “ha ha” by any means—is he’s not involved in any way to help them!)

Many will mock us and claim we are hypocrites, or haters, or bigots, or homophobic, some will even go so far to insist we are racist. They lack knowledge of who we are, who God is, and what God does in our lives.

NOTE TO SELF: When confronted by non-believers about what God is doing for the homeless or starving people of the world, educate them by informing them about the many Christian organizations that are doing their part to help feed the nations and give shelter and clothing to a world in need.

Better yet: GET INVOLVED yourself. You were called to do it as a child of God. Jesus told you to be the light of the world, and that’s what it means. Go forth and do your part, whether it’s your time or money. Even a few dollars a month can really make a difference for some charities. God will rest on your heart what organization for you to help with. You may see something on Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, or CBN. And more than likely, your church participates or partners with worldwide Christian charity organizations.

Hold Hands with Joyce Meyer’s, Hand of Hope
Become a Champion of Hope with Joel Osteen
Bring hope to Israel through Jacob’s Hope
If you’re like my brother-in-law Wil and you’re worried about the starving children, give Mercy Corp some much needed help.

Google “Christian Charity Organizations” and you will find a list of ways you can help people around the globe. Don’t leave it all up to the celebrities.

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