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Monday, August 29, 2011

Brick Wall

Scripture to reflect upon for Manic Monday: Exodus 6:14
…but they did not listen to [Moses] because of their broken spirit and hard labor.

We love the weekends, don’t we? Especially those of you who work full time jobs, Monday thru Friday. Many of you live for Friday. That’s what you strive for. That’s the purpose of working…Friday.

In this day and age, more and more people are working longer hours than ever before. Worse yet, these long hours are usually put in by the people who do hard labor; who are already broken in spirit and aching for a break. Yet, even as they keep their eyes on the weekend, most weeks the boss comes around and informs them that they are “required” to work on the weekend they had so been looking forward to.

God was informing the Israelites that He was going to free them from Egyptian slavery. But Pharaoh had just made matters worse for them. As if being a slave making bricks wasn’t hard enough, he made them search for their straw without reducing the workload. That meant it could take hours for them to find the supplies they needed, but they weren’t allowed any leeway in the work they were to produce. Sound familiar?

Pharaoh was making sure that they would be broken in spirit. That the new stipulations he put on them would make them forget their God and turn their anger towards Moses for trying to save them in the first place. And it worked!

Let me tell you that this kind of thing is taking place everyday…everywhere. Our government—regardless of what party you follow—is a prime example of how they are trying to break your spirit so you will forget that God is trying to save you from them.

How can you try to follow God when all you do is work, work, work? When you feel beaten and tired, day after day after day, when can you focus on the love of God? In fact, how can His love even be seen through all of that? It looks hopeless, doesn’t it?

Everywhere we look, we are being blind sighted. We are being taken for fools. We are being asked to do things that we are barely capable of doing. We are asked to be respectful to a group of undeserving people. We are asked to do things most other people would never do, especially those doing the asking. These types of things will certainly make us quickly forget God because we become too focused on the circumstances.

Jared is surrounded daily by people who are lazy and don’t want to produce the kind of quality work that he does. That gets incredibly frustrating, especially when someone who merely sits around and does nothing while watching him bust his butt working comes to him and says, “I never see you doing anything!” Anger can quickly surface, and you will quite literally step out of the Spirit in order to react to the circumstance. That’s the point. That’s the goal. Break your spirit.

The world is aching for you to be so beaten down—and it has succeeded—that you will not only forget God, but you will walk away from Him entirely. The outcome of that? Your children will never know Him. This is the reality we live in today. We live in a Godless society because we’ve been broken in spirit and focused on that instead of Jesus. We got angry and turned away, and now our next generation is confused, angry and out of control.

Even if you can’t take a physical break from all the work that’s being piled on top of you, you have got to take a spiritual break and make the time to be refreshed. Every Sunday before bed, when you are dreading the new work week ahead, make a commitment to find at least an hour to be in God’s Presence. Ask Him to heal your broken spirit and allow you to hear His voice clearly over all the noise of the world around you.

NOTE TO SELF: Stop letting the world throw you into a brick wall. If you have forced your ears shut because of all the hard work you’ve been doing, ask God to clear your mind and open your ears. It’s time to start listening again.

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