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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Scripture to reflect upon: Mark 7:37
People were overwhelmed with amazement. “He has done everything well,” they said.

Wow! It’s amazing!!

Everything my two-year old does, sees, or hears is amazing. “Wow, mommy!” he exclaims with wide eyes. He sees things we no longer see. The freshness. The newness. The wonder of it all.

When did we stop finding life amazing? When did we stop walking up to strangers and saying, “Hi! What’s your name?” When did we stop seeking friendship and instead chose seclusion? What makes us comfortable there?

Jared sometimes laughs at me—okay, he laughs at me a lot—not because I’m silly, (although I am) but because he gets a kick out of my amazement in the simple things. I can stare at a frozen snowflake on my windshield for hours. I can gaze out on the trees, watching the wind wisp through the leaves. I can happily listen to the waves whooshing onto the shore. And smile...in amazement!

A few weeks ago, walking down by the lake in the middle of the day, Tavin realized that the moon was out. He began to jump up and down, pointing at the sky, “Da moon! Da moon! Da moon! Look, momma, da moon!!” And people were walking by and laughing at him…not because he was acting foolish, but because he found the moon in the daylight utterly amazing! You know what? I do, too…now. When he sees it and gets all excited, so do I. I can’t help myself. And you know what else? He’s seen the moon several times in the day sky and still finds it to be one of the greatest joys of his day. 

Tavin says, “Woooooow,” or, “whooooa,” a lot. He is utterly fascinated with life. I often even hear him saying—not by any prompting from me or anyone else—“God…” He truly understands that the wonderment he experiences throughout his day comes wholly from God.

Here’s another difference between us and them (children vs. adults): they are very in tune with the Spirit of God. We, on the other hand, get lost in the noise, the traffic, and the blur of the day. We lose focus. We lose sight. And in the end, we lose out on the utter amazement of God.

NOTE TO SELF: Today I will see life through the eyes of a child and find you there. I will be amazed and loudly proclaim, “WOW!! Everything You have done is awesome!”

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