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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Scripture to reflect upon: Leviticus 16: 21-22
He is to lay both hands on the head of the live goat and confess over it all the wickedness and rebellion of the Israelites—all their sins—and put them on the goat’s head. He shall send the goat away into the desert in the care of the man appointed for the task. The goat will carry on itself all their sins to a solitary place; and the man shall release it in the desert.

The burden of being someone’s scapegoat is a heavy one. How often have we shifted the blame on someone else in hopes that we would not have to suffer the consequences?

Many who follow my blog know that I am an avid and loyal fan of the show, Frasier. There is an episode where Frasier and Niles confess a childhood stunt that they had gladly blamed on someone else. The boy they blamed was evicted from their prep school and was never heard from again. Frasier, now some thirty-plus years later, decides to find out what happened to him, only to find out he has led a life of crime and was serving prison time. Visiting the old schoolmate at the prison, Frasier asks if he could pinpoint the time in his life when he began his criminal escapades. The man thinks hard and comes up with several incidents, but eventually lands on the prep school incident. This in turn has him feeling denied a great education due to being blamed for something he was innocent of.

I wonder how many people in the real world have had this happen to them. I know for me it was the night my first step-father walked in the room, shut the door and locked it behind him. When he slumped himself next to me in my bed and laid his hands on me and released his sins all over me. The next day I was released out into the desert; carrying his heavy sin, wandering aimlessly, wondering what to do with it.

I carried his sin for a very long time throughout my life; nearly thirty years. His sin became my own. His sin grew in me until I was no longer even aware that my sin was a result of his. My sins increased, and I committed my own vicious crimes against myself and God.

We are fortunate enough to no longer have to lay our sins on anything or anyone else anymore. Jesus took it all on the cross. He became our scapegoat, and He gladly paid the price so we wouldn’t have to.

Some people will happily dump their sins all over you in hopes that they will be released from it and you will carry it for them instead. You don’t need to keep their sin as your own anymore. If you are carrying someone else’s sin that they piled on you, take it to the cross and hand it over to Jesus. It’s why He went there in the first place.

NOTE TO SELF: Instead of finding ways to make someone our scapegoat, go to the cross and lay it there…where it belongs. The price has already been paid.

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