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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Different Story

Scripture to reflect upon: Numbers 14:24 (The Message)
“But my servant Caleb—this is a different story.”

I’m being asked tonight through The Message//Remix: Solo devotional who I could closely relate with: the Israelites who were eager to forget God and stone Aaron and Moses, or Caleb who followed God passionately.

Oh, how I wanted to be Caleb, but I knew deep down inside I was a complaining, whining little child, never fully aware of just how much God does for me.

I began to give this scripture some thought, and the idea of being an author of a story came to my mind. Caleb, God said, was a different story. I know what that means in comparison to the rest of the Israelites, but he was a story…a different story.

How are you different? How is your story different? What story do you have to tell that could be different, or make a difference?

I have a story that is shocking and heartbreaking. One I’m not quite ready to tell yet in this forum, but it’s coming soon because God is asking me to do it and I’m praying for the right words and the right spirit. My story may not be too different from a lot of people’s story, and that’s what makes it unique. Does that make sense? My story is unique because there are many people out there who have gone through what I’ve gone through, and then went through the hell I went through, or may still be going through it. What makes my story different is that I can tell it in hopes of making a difference. My story, although not entirely different, can hopefully help others. So can yours. So tell your story without fear, regret or shame!

Your story is your testimony. Your story is quite literally, the case for Christ, so to speak. I once told my story in a group setting, and in front of some people I hadn’t met before. The Spirit guided me, and little did I know that there was a woman there who spoke up afterwards and told me that at that very moment, she was going through the same situation I had previously gone through. It changed her life—and saved another.

But now let’s take this “story” a step further. If you were the author of your life, how would you write your story? How would it be different from the story you are living today?

Now let God be the Author. How would He write your story? How would He describe you? As the grumbling whiner who never finds joy and happiness in the simple things that He provides daily? Or would He write a beautiful love story? Where does God’s story begin in your story? Connect the pieces and you will discover that God has been writing your story from Day One.

NOTE TO SELF: If you are a different story, what story is God telling about you today?

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