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Monday, July 4, 2011

Are You There God? It's Me, America!

Scripture to reflect upon: Deuteronomy 8:19
“If you ever forget the Lord your God and follow other gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will surely be destroyed.”

I wish I could claim this blog idea as my own, but I was entirely inspired by yesterday’s sermon at church. So thank you, Pastor Kevin, at Kenosha First Assembly, for prompting me to ponder the idea of, “In God We Trust,” as a nation.

Today is the 4th of July. You probably have big plans today with family. A cookout. A day at the beach. Vollyball. Hamburgers and hot dogs. Ice cold lemonade. Fireworks. And then back to reality until the next big holiday in September.

You may notice that we like to celebrate America. We take several occasions to honor the men and women who fight, and have fought, so hard to keep us free. Memorial Day. 4th of July. Veterans Day. 

Are you aware, though, that recently before the U.S. Open that aired on NBC, the words, “Under God,” were censored out of The Pledge of Allegiance? Are you also aware that there are many atheist groups that are trying to make it law to no longer put a white cross on the side of the road where a loved one was killed? While we’re at it, many people want the words, “In God We Trust,” off of our money; and there are schools, courts, and other public institutions that can no longer post, The 10 Commandments. A right to life organization recently had a billboard pulled down—that they paid for—as it offended a few people in the neighborhood. The Pledge of Allegiance is banned from schools, as is prayer. Children can be suspended from school for praying before eating lunch. Easter break is now called Spring Break, as to not offend Muslims who don’t believe in Christ. Christmas is now referred to as the holiday season, and don’t try hanging anything up at work that says, Merry Christmas, as you may get suspended or fired. Children are unable to wear clothing or accessories to school with Christian symbols on it, but Muslims are able to wear their religious garbs.

Morals, ethics, and our freedoms are decaying in America. We no longer hold ourselves accountable for anything. We answer to no one. We would rather offend those who believe in Christ than those who don’t, whom I might add, are NOT the majority. To accommodate those who don’t believe in Christ, we bow down to their beliefs and refuse Christians to showcase theirs. In order to not be prejudice, we end up becoming just that to one group in particular.

Many want to insist that our country was not founded on the ideas of God or religion, but I beg to differ. Many Christians came here to freely practice one religion or another as they saw fit. People still come to America so they can be “free,” but in doing so, they are the very ones who take our freedoms away by demanding we censor Christian ideology.

Recently there was a big uproar about a Muslim synagogue being built near Ground Zero in New York City. Many non-Muslims came to their rescue proclaiming “freedom of religion.” But I began to wonder if those very same people would have showed up if a Catholic church were to be built somewhere and Muslims protested against it.  I highly doubt it, because we don’t want to offend anyone else but the believers in Christ.

Our country is falling apart before our very eyes, and it’s because we have taken God completely out of the picture. I don't believe that we, as Christians, should be intolerant to other religions or practices, either. We do live in a free country, but I wish that those who come here to be free, too, would also let us keep our founding ideas in place. I would never move to another country expecting them to accommodate me and my ideas.

I'm offended by many things that non-believers say and do. Hollywood, the media, and celebrities are high on my list of offenders. But we also do not have to bow down to them, which is why I don't watch much TV or go to the movies. I choose not to be subjected to that mentality and ugliness. And when a national TV host calls a conservative woman a nasty name and 70% of Americans are outraged, she's not fired. But it's the conservative radio host that says something about someone's hair that will get them fired by small-minded groups that read way too much into it! The double standards in America are outrageous. For one group freedom rings loud and clear, but for others, those very freedoms are taken away.

Today I’m going to celebrate our country’s birthday, but I’m also going to celebrate the waning freedom I have to honor Jesus.

NOTE TO SELF: I will never forget that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I will never bow down to anyone else’s god in order to make others feel comfortable.

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